Sharmila Mehta

Based in Banglore, she had been a member of Motivational Strips from 2019. She has a high literary merit and she is a mentor for many poets. Well versed in different poetic forms. She has  received many accolades from India and abroad, the most prestigious one being , Gujarat Sahitya Akademi Award.

Sonia Batra

Dr Sonia Batra is a dentist by profession and a poet by passion. She is the author of two solo poetry books The Soul Stirrings and the Twin flame . Apart from this she has contributed to numerous international and national anthologies. She is the admin of Motivational Strips, world’s most active writers forum. She is the recipient of Gujarat Sahitya academy award for two consecutive years. She has been honoured by governments of Seychelles, Kazakhstan and Peru for her contribution to world literature. She is also the recipient of Nobel Laureate Rabinder Nath Tagore award.

Leena Thampi

Born in Jammu and brought up in Delhi, Leena Thampi is an articulate writer who’s lost in her own little epiphanies and she gives them life with her quill. She’s an author extraordinaire with four books to her credit –
“Rhythms of a Heart”, “Autumn Blaze” An Allusion To Time’ and Embers To Flames.
She has many articles published in India and abroad. She has received many elite accolades from different literary platforms worldwide. She has been awarded by Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Motivational Strips twice for her best contribution towards literature .She was also the recipient of Rabindranath Tagore Memorial literary honors 2022 by world writers forum.
Her work mixes luminous writing, magical realism, myths, and the hard truths of everyday life. Besides her flair for writing and deep-rooted love for music, she is an Entrepreneur, Dancer, and a Relationship coach.

Dipanpreet Kaur

Dipanpreet Kaur is a versatile budding poet from India. She began her

journey as a poet in 2021 and she loves to try new genres and styles of poetry. She has launched two solo poetry books namely ‘My Mind’s Shadow’ in

2021 and ‘The Opera’ in 2022. She is the ‘7th English Sainoist’ in the world and has been designated as the ‘Youngest Moderator” in digital poetry forum namely,

Motivational Strips (the most active literary forum across the globe) by the administration group. Being an optimistic and cheerful person and fled with enthusiasm, she wants to spread positivity everywhere through her writings.



Ipsita Ganguly

Ipsita Ganguli describes herself as a Business Consultant at sunrise and Poet cum Travel Writer cum Heritage and Art Enthusiast at sunset.

Ipsita writes…because she “must”.

Her poems have been published in several national and international e zines and anthologies .She is also one of the main characters of the poetryfilm Kolkata Cocktail. She has ideated, conceptualised and conducted a series of online Talk Shows entitled Cafe Conversations as well as curated offline Poetry events for Kolkata Literary Meet at Victoria Memorial and at Kolkata Centre for Creativity, amongst others. 

 Ipsita is the recipient of many literary Awards including the Order of Shakespeare Medal-2021″ and The India Independence Day Global Literary Honours jointly awarded by Gujarat Sahitya Academy and Motivational Strips, the world’s most active writers forum for three consecutive years in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Some of her poems have been translated into Bengali and Assamese 

She has authoured two independent compilations of poems ” Of Love, Longing and Random Pondering” and “Rooted, India 75,and We the People ” . 


Nivedita Roy

Award winning author Nivedita Roy is a teacher by profession, bilingual poetess and writer. She resides in the Kingdom of Bahrain since 20 years and belongs to Lucknow.
She is the author of 2 Poetry collections in English and Hindi. Her third book  is a short story collection and fourth book is releasing soon.
She has co-authored around 25 international anthologies till date. Her poems/articles are published in many newspapers ezine and websites all over the world. She conducts author interviews and literary talk shows on various online platforms.
She worked as a radio jockey for 4 years for the Hindi radio in Bahrain.

Turkan Ergor


Prince Steve Oyebode

Prince Steve Oyebode,a Nigerian born multi awards winning Poet and Writer. A graduate of Microbiology (BSC) from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Osun state Nigeria. He also bagged masters of Science (MSC) in Legal, Criminology and Security Psychology from Nigerian Premier University of Ibadan, Oyo state, Nigeria. He is a Founder and president of a literary group known as Haven for the World Writers, he has written and published many poems and articles in different anthologies, journals , web magazines and blogs. His works have gained both National and International recognition with numerous awards, certificates and medals.
Steve is an honorary member of World Nations Writers’ Union. Steve is a moderator at the Motivational Strips. He is also the Chief Administrator at Motivational Strips – Nigeria Office. He is a silver Premium member of MS. He was also awarded a Golden badge from the motivational strips and ALTYN KALAM Golden pen, a Kazakhstan award from World Nation Writers union



Kristy Raines

Euginea Albert

Eugenia Noelette Albert, born in Seychelles, a resident of Au Cap, Mahe. Eugenia Holds a Master Degree in Educational Leadership and Innovation with Warwick University. Eugenia a former Primary Teacher, Studies Coordinator,Teacher Educator at NIE, University of Seychelles in collaboration with Edith Cowan University. Eugenia retired in December 2016 where she dedicated 42 years of her life in education. During her years in Education she has been assigned with other duties in relation to her field of work such as Curriculum developer, Examination moderator, she has also organized different workshops. In 2020 she worked with a group of secondary students (21), who had an interest in poetry. She did that on a voluntary basis.
Following her retirement in December 2016, Eugenia developed the passion of writing poems and stories further. Her first Poem was entitled, “En rev akonplir” in 2010, published in the Seychelles Nation Bulletin in 2011, followed by ‘Fanm’….etc. Eugenia has plunged into poetry seriously and she shares her poems on Facebook. Eugenia writes and recites her poems in the 3 National languages. She is a member of (Blingbling Poetry Association (local), Motivational Strips, “Inspirations through Love and Light” and ’World Nation Union Writers” (International).
Her poems are published in “Seychelles Nation Bulletin”, “Today in Seychelles”, SIPAY Revue Littéraire Seychellois affiliated to Motivational Strips. She has also participated in various competitions both locally and internationally. She was awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation in a Poetry Competition entitled, “THERAPY; You Never Have To Be Alone” in 2015 where she came out third.
In 2022 she was awarded with two certificates “Rabindranath Tagore Memorial Certificate of Literary Appreciation”, and another certificate of Appreciation for active participation on Motivational Strips 4th Anniversary in the same year.
Eugenia has published her first poetry book entitled “Ma vie en Poésie; Mon Trezor” on the 3rd of September 2023. Recently Eugenia have had the honour to be an Administrator for Motivational Strips in September this year.


Faciol Maribel

Aditi Rana Jamwal

Lying in the shadow of this mighty mountain range, in a quaint town  called Dharamshala is where Aditi was born. Most of her time in those days were hooked to interesting talents like painting ,drawing,  poetry etc but it was poetry that actually she loved. Aditi has been more of an international poet commanding readership across the world. Being a recipient of many international literary awards, the turning point In her career as a writer came when she won the prestigious International ‘Bold Gold Pen Award’ from Motivational Strips in 2019. She has won this award after having contested with poets from 107 countries, and is one important testimony to Author Aditi’s proficiency in poetry. She is also a bilingual poet with ability to write in Hindi and English and has as well garnered many National literary awards from India. She has authored many books be it poetry or shayri, and now she is writing her debut novel and understanding her strength,.Author Aditi is a professional Tarrot reader, and also been a featured model  for ‘pictorial coffee table books. Those books holds Indian and golden book of records’.  Irrespective of her poems published in pictorial coffee table books, they have adorned the pages of many International journals and anthologies. She was even chosen in book 100 inspiring Indians.