Swapna Behera – Planning

Swapna Behera is a trilingual poet,translator ,eco activist ,peace Ambassador,Educationist,editor from Odisha and author of seven books of different genres including one on children’s literature on Environment.She is the recipient of International UGADI AWARD 2019, honoured from GujuratSahitya Akademi 2022,2021,International Poesis Award ofHonor as Jury, Honoured Poet of India from Seychelles Government and International awards from Algeria,Morocco,Kajhakhstan ,modern Arabic Literary Renaissance of Egypt ,Argentina etc. Her poemA NIGHT IN THE REFUGEE CAMP is translated into 67 languages.At present She is also the Cultural Ambassador for India and South Asia of Inner Child Press U.S ,life member of Odisha Environmental Society

Dr.Rajarajeshwari Seeta Raman – Malay Language and Translations

Dr.Raja Rajeswari Seetha Raman earned her PhD in Malay Literature from University of Malaya. A freelance lecturer, bilingual author, poet, researcher, certified translator, literary critic and essayist. Recipient of 16 literary prizes and awards at state, national and international level. Her poems have been translated into 40 world languages. Four of her poems are Malay songs. Her excellent contribution in the field of Malay Literature was made a documentary by The National Film Department of Malaysia and broadcast twice on TV1 in 2009 and 2012. In 2014 honored as Icon of National Language Month and in 2020 as Women of the Year by MWAW (Malaysian Women at Work). A panel member of National Literary Policy and National Culture Policy for Malaysian Government. 

Sreekala P Vijayan ( Head – Media Coordination and logistics )

Sreekala P Vijayan is the best selling author of “Amorous  Musings”. She has authored “Soul in whole”, “Mridula” and ” Poetic Nectar”, compiled “The burgeons” and “Cicatrices The scars are flawless”. She is the member of World  Nations Writers Union She is also an anchor of literary  shows- Nuggets from the author’s soul and The Voice of  Mighty Quills. 

Sreekala P. Vijayan is a prolific poet, author, newscaster  and reviewer. Her literary journey is multidimensional,  inspiring, motivating, writing and keeping her quill  moving for the wellness of society. She is an internationally known author and many poems are  published in international anthologies and literary magazines. She is from Palakkad, Kerala, the southern  part of India. She is an academician by profession and in her career she had been and is an inspiration to many. She has  specialised in school psychology and School administration. Her  poems are apt for intimate reading and relatable to the  common human values seen around. They resonate with  amusement, wisdom, and precision. Her ink resonates with  the varied aspects of poetic art such as environment, nature,  pleasure, love, hope,memories, uprising, and many more.  Her versatility has no limitation to explore and unwind in  the world of poetic emotions. She has made it possible to  bring forth the literary world to the media across the world.

Ewelina Maria Bujaska Javorka – European Affairs

Ewelina Maria Bugajska – Javorka is a Polish permanently lives in Denmark. Philosopher, an author of six poetry books, editor of literary magazines (Sweden, China, India), International Goodwill Ambassador for Minorities at the Federal Association for Supporting Visible Minorities – FAAVM Canada and International Ambassador of Brahman’s Evolution Council, Universal Mission for Peace, Justice and Humanity.
Melissa Begley

Melissa Begley

Melissa Begley is a Southerner from the USA and has lived in many states and abroad.

Her background, a non-medical professional in the healthcare industry. A Patient Advocate that provided mandatory Patient-Centered training for new employees.
Shiju H. Pallithazheth, founder of Motivational Strips and Mary Lynn Luiz, founder of Inspiration Through Love And Light forum facilitated her pathway into the World of Poetry.
She serves with honor and integrity as the Motivational Strips Chief Administrator – USA & Canada.
She has been blessed with many prestigious awards and recognition.
Lastly, she was grateful to be previously included in the SIPAY International Literary Journal, multiple publications in Bharath Vision, and Anthology Books.