Motivational Strips is the world’s most active writers forum with more than 7.5 million writers and readers visiting it every month. Writers from 197 countries have joined this global fraternity where the world’s leading writers interact with one another, and this makes it the most active and influential literary forum in the contemporary world of poetry and literature in large.
Every award or honour bestowed upon a literary recipient by Motivational Strips stands as a priceless testimony in their literary career. It helps a poet or writer to establish his or her global literary stand with integrity and dignity .
In addition to the founding president of MS, Shiju H. Pallithazheth, the forum has administrators and moderators of high literary acumen. They are all in the same wavelength of the founder’s vision, and they are without dispute, considered to be the best in the world. Their commitment to maintaining the forum at high standards is invaluable. Motivational Strips also have many media portals around the world as associates. This gives prime attention to the achievements of writers across the world. An award, honour or certificate from Motivational Strips accounts as authentic testimonial media acceptance due to the value and authenticity of the certification. It reflects the mettle, prosperity or acumen as a writer . It testifies the quality stand of a writer or poet in world literature. All poetry anthologies released by Motivational Strips have touched the incredible Rank 1 in Amazon best sellers. It is mainly due to the stringent selection criteria of its participants.
There are many governmental literary boards, literary unions, forums, academic institutions, publishers, journals , literary entities etc working as associates under Motivational Strips . They are as below,
• Lasosyasyon Lar Sans Frontier (LLSF) – Literary board under Government of Republic of Seychelles.
• VAEBRASIL – subsidiary of Academy Of Letters, Government of Republic of Brazil.
• Gujarat Sahitya Academy under Government of Gujarat, India.
• SIPAY – a decade old literary journal and also the national property of department of culture, Government of Seychelles.
• ASEAD – Literary board under Government of Democratic Republic of Congo.
• Association Des Escrivains Rodriguais under Government of
Republic of Mauritius.
•Nehru Group of Institutions, India
•Soundarya Educational Trust , India
• World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan – World’s largest writers Union
Forums affiliated with Motivational:
• Soul Thoughts Poetry, USA
• The Gentle Book Cover, Greece
• Inspiration through love and light, USA
• Full Circle Poetry, USA
• Write, Trinidad & Tobago
• Gogyohka USA
• Literary Center of Nationals of the world, Kazakhstan
The Associated Publishers with Motivational Strips are:
• Evincepub Publishers India
• ASEAD Publications, Congo
• SIPAY publications, Seychelles
• Griffin Publications, India
Motivational Strips continues to educate writers, thrill readers and promote literature around the world, it is of the opinion that it is only literature which could refine children, men and women in the world. It defines that the future world needs good characters in humans. It takes on a positive role to make the world a better place for the generations to come.