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Too much concern on garnering attention forms the base for a writers de-growth. More time spent on worry of,ones inability  to grab attention has been a major shortfall and ends with most writers getting depressed without their knowledge.Their headstrong ego not to learn from others has made them slide down faster than the climb in their career as a writer.It goes to the extent that an inflated authority and very minimal micro interactions happen with the public making them accumulate huge losses in growth. The one reason most writers go for this distrust on other writers is the concern of not being able to grab attention.To be honest, that worry of not being able to make it to the spotlight or limelight is what pulls back most writers from their growth and achievements. Attention comes without asking if one possess talent. Being competent enough is what brings one to the limelight.The lesser one worries on attention and focus more on improving the quality of their write ; the better their stand as a valuable and sought after writer among the readers.

Why go to a lime light when you have the strength to bring it to your premises?

Funny when people do so !

So! From adding more of value, it becomes more of a bad joke if one doesn’t monitor one’s knowledge on the art of writing. It can only only change stands when you learn to read and understand from one another. Hugging cozy to the myth ‘ I’m the greatest’ is not less than a juggler trying to juggle with balls made of water instead of a ball filled with water …lol

It’s never there to juggle as a ball ! Lol !

Jokes apart ! , The whole strength of a writer lies in the four factors as listed below below.

📚Concern on learning

📣Responsive to readers

🗣Interactive With Co-writers

👩🏻‍💻Key ambassadors

📚Concerns on learning is what all ideal writers should possess. Now don’t be confused; the ability to source reliable knowledge and inspiration that can develop and make ones presentation and narration more precise is what is the ‘Concerns of learning’ in a writer. Being more creative and comprehensive is what I mean by’concerns on learning’.

So ! Instead of wasting time in gathering attention from all bystanders and bathing in the showers of flattery, it would be qualitative if the writer tried to focus more on developmental needs to self. The whole process sums to your ability in identifying qualitative source points where the wisdom and acumen of others can the garnered to take forward steps with confidence. But it should not end as taking reliable source to increase wisdom; it should be a two way wisdom share where you should also learn to share your thoughts and writings with them. It again zeroes down to learn and teach .Thus a writers concern should always be to identify niche points that can take one to higher level of creativity and acceptance among the readers.This is where Motivational Strips comes into value and support. Instead of pollinating the flowers that bloom and give fragrance, don’t waste your productive focus by trying to pollinate shrubs that just occupy ground but bloom less.So keep some very minimal and qualitative forums to share your write and for you to learn from others the acumen in writing. No productive value in running behind the thousands where you just dig grave of your valued thoughts.

📣Responsive to readers is all about consistency in communication with readers by, respecting their invaluable contribution in terms of monetary as well emotional support to your growth. The disconnection and avoidance of the readers can slide you down the aisle of the ladder as fast as you climbed. So the heartfelt love for interactions with readers form a major brick building exercise to keep your retention as a top rated writer. Now that brings it back to the basics; humility is a must for your success in the book world.

🗣 Interaction with international writers can give you easy access to changes in trends of writing. If you know what an American writers prefer , what the European writers prefers, an African prefers , an Australian prefers and an Asian prefers etc , you can weave your sentences in a way that all these territories find your book or writings comprehensive. Now that’s literature meant for the general readers. It helps your success graph to touch higher levels and your credibility as a writer more well known.

Don’t worry!

interact with Motivational Strips Writers and you will know what all wants !

Touch upon the global voice in your narration easier that way .And the day you will come out of the regional barriers and think fully global,that day you will know the full essence of the writers strength in you. Never divide literature by region or nationalities. It’s like you are curbing your own growth and potentials

Do you want to be like that ?

No! Right !

So! Do value your co-writers giving them a chance to value yours.

‘Get known everywhere instead of nowhere’

👩🏻‍💻Key ambassadors are valuable source to penetrate varied markets and public. It’s the global perspective you give to yourself as a writer. If you think global, you are a writer. If you think national, you are just a regional reporter. I’m sure the global perspective is what any sensible or wise writer would adapt. The key ambassadors are your global connection to learn and apply different approaches to writings. They are your interactive points that help you to develop acumen and growth. Never rely on regional congregations. By doing so not only you tend to lose the opportunity to learn but also loose your hold with your potentials. Thus your key ambassadors are your huge contacts across the globe. They are your teacher as well students. You teach what you know and you learn what you don’t . That’s true literature and that that’s wise brains.

Motivational Strips has most of the world’s most intelligent and wise writers. If they can’t motivate you , who else will . So keep interacting and encouraging one another as that’s where your value , respect and strength as a socially accepted writer lies.

Happy Networking With Motivational Strips

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