Regional Directors & Chief Administrators

All the Regional Directors head the various regions across the globe . They have been chosen for their precision and acumen in Literature. Humility and Love forms leadership in Motivational Strips. They are specialists in Literature which includes fiction, non fiction, essay writing and, poetry.

Sabrina Young , United Staes , Forum Director - Global

Sabrina Young

Sabrina Young was the first Administrator  of Motivational Strips. So she commands the respect as co-Founder in this writers forum .She had been very instrumental in devising the structure and policies of Motivational Strips having been with this vibrant writers forum since inception.She is known for her love and humble attitude towards all her counterparts. She is currently the chief administrator handling writers from United States Of America and Canada which forms 25% of the membership in Motivational Strips. She is a very popular wirter and poet who has more than hundreds of poems and quotes to her credit.She is well known for her poetic verses which reflects subjective reality and relatable thoughts .She is also the founder of a Facebook poetry page called ‘Souls Thought Poetry’

Sarah Northwood , UK, Regional Director - UK & Europe


Sarah Northwood is a popular fiction writer from UK. She is  the Chief Administrator of Motivational Strips handling United Kingdom and Ireland Regions for the forum . She is a  Honorary member of 'World Hıgher Lıterary Academıc Concil of WNWU’.

Sarah Northwood is an award-winning British fiction author who has written books of all genres. Living in a small village in the northwest of England with her husband and two children, she is best known for her unique narration methodology and precise delivery of fiction and poetic works. The author of ten books, these include: Poetry: Butterfly Dreams, The truths We Tell and Little Moments of Calm.

Thrillers: The Unravelling, The Volunteer and She’s Not Gone. Children’s Books: Unicorns are real and other cool poems, Legend of the Night Unicorn and Aerwyn, the girl who dreams. Awards Won: Best children title - Hydra Productions Pink Quill Pick Recommended Read-IHIRP Her books are well to do with all varied readers and literary icons of literature.

Brenda Mohammed , Trinidad, Regional Director - Operations


Brenda Mohammed is a renowned, multi-genre, award-winning author, and poet from Trinidad in the Caribbean. She has written twenty-four books to date. The former Bank Manager holds a Diploma in Banking from the Institute of Bankers in London. Brenda also obtained a Diploma in Life Underwriting from the American College, USA and qualified for the Million Dollar Round Table, the Premier Association for Financial Professionals, six times in a row. Brenda's writing career sparked after her near-death experience with Cancer and her recovery. She wrote the book, I AM CANCER FREE which became a best seller. That gave her the encouragement to continue writing. Some of her books won multiple awards as follows. 1. I am Cancer Free - Readers Favorite award in category Health and Fitness 2018 and McGrath's first-place winner in Non-fiction 2016. 2. Zeeka Chronicles, Zeeka Chronicles was an award winner in the Category Young Adult Thriller in Readers Favorite International Awards 2018, winner in Science Fiction in SIBA Awards 2017, winner of the gold award in the category science fiction in Connections Emagazine Readers' Choice Awards 2018, and winner in the top ten finalists for science fiction in the Author Academy Global Awards 2018. 3 August 2019 - Stories People Love was winner of two gold medals in Connections EMagazine Readers’ Choice Awards. First place in Romance Category. And first place in all genres. 4. In same contest How to Write for Success won a gold medal in the category Non- Fiction. 5. My Life as a Banker – 2nd place Bio/memoirs in SIBA Awards. Brenda is Founder of three Facebook Groups How to Write for Success, Poems for Suicide Prevention, and How to Write for Success Library. Her work in Literature for Suicide Prevention is recognised worldwide. She was the driving force in the production of A SPARK OF HOPE: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives. The book topped the charts on Amazon and made Best Seller No.1 within the space of two days. HONOURS: Appointed Vice-Chancellor of Motivational Strips Academy of Literary Excellence and Wisdom by the Founder Shiju H Pallithazheth on 5th November 2018. In October 2018 Appointed as Honorary Member of the World Higher Literary Academic Council of WORLD NATIONS WRITERS’ UNION of Kazakhstan. On 29th December 2018, awarded the World Laureate in Literature by World Nations Writers Union. On 30th December 2018, received a Global Literature Guardian Award from Founder of Motivational Strips and Associates, World Nations Writers’ Union, and Union Hispanomundial de Escritores. On 31st December received Certificate of Honour for serving as juror in an International Poetry Contest sponsored by World Nations Writers Union. For her efforts in maintaining and spreading Global Peace, Motivational Strips and its Nominating Authorities awarded her with a Golden Dove of Peace Award. June 2019 appointed National President of the Union of Writers, Union Hispaniomundial de Escritos for Trinidad and Tobago. In August 2019 received a Diploma and World Poetic Star Award from World Nations Writers Union. On 31st August 2019 was honoured by the Seychelles Government Accredited Literary Society [ LLSF] for her contribution to World Poetry, creativity, and writing expertise. On October 16th 2019 she was awarded the Order of Shakespeare Medal by the Founder of the Facebook group Shiju H Pallithazheth for selfless service imparted to keep the ambiance of world writers on a rightful and progressive path, as well as in helping the forum in maintaining the modus operandi of Motivational Strips secure since its inception stage a year ago.

Magie Faure-Vidot , Seychelles, Regional Director - East Africa & Central Asia


Magie Faure Vidot is the Chief Administrator supporting writers from East Africa. She is responsible for zones Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa

Magie Faure-Vidot was born in Victoria. She is a member of the Institut Académique de Paris and the Académie Internationale de Lutèce. She has won numerous prizes over the course of her career, including the Coupe de la Ville de Paris, a Lyre d'honneur, and six silver and numerous bronze medals in various international literary competitions,and she has represented her home country at many international poetry festivals and other initiatives.Her work has been discussed in critical studies of Seychellois literature.She has also achieved some fame as an oral performer.

After living for some time in the United States, Lebanon, England, Italy, and France, Faure-Vidot returned to the Seychelles. There she cofounded, and continues to codirect, both the online literary review Vents Alizés and the online publimaging house  Edisyon Losean Endyen, both of which she runs in conjunction with Hungarian poet Károly Sándor Pallai. Her work is regularly published in Seychelles Nation and The People, and she is the editor of Sipay, the only Seychellois literary magazine.She is also heavily engaged in the cultural life of her country, including showing her work at exhibitions of art by local women.Her poems were published in the international poetry anthology Amaravati Poetic Prism in India. In 2017, she received the prestigious Seychelles Arts Award in literature for her outstanding literary work and achievements.

She is a member of the World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) Kazakhstan. Her work was featured in the "Family Eternal Treasure" international anthology (2018).

Click the link below for her Wilipaedia Profile

Chrisoula Mitsaki 🇬🇷


Chrisoula Mitsaki is the Chief Administrator handling the writers from European Union of countries . She is based in the Motivational Strips office at Athens,Greece.

Chrisoula was born in Athens but her parents took her to Australia when she was 5 months old. She was came back to Greece permanently at the age of 11. She is an English teacher at Athens and a novice author. He first novel was ‘One more smile’

Livia York 🇦🇺


Livia York is the Chief Administrator for Motivational Strips handling the Australian region. She supports, guides  and empowers Australian writers to the global platform of  Literature.

Livia is a published Author:/Poet/Public Speaker/Professional Musician and singer..

Born in Rome, Italy in 1942, Livia York moved to Australia in 1958 and raised two children as a single mother.

After a successful “Brady Bunch Family Situation” with her second husband and soul mate of 46 years Glenn, and 30-year career as a Financial Advisor, without any training or intention Livia has become a successful author, poet and motivational speaker.

For the last eight years Livia has been living on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland. 

The loss of her 51 year old daughter to cancer in 2012 was the turning point for Livia to become a writer. After nursing her daughter for three years, through her grief and guided by her deceased daughter’s spirit, Livia wrote her first book at age 73. 

The first book ‘RISE: The Abused Child of the Phoenix ’ is Livia’s true family story: “A very personal account of her ancestors and her own life experiences” received the prestige “Readers Favourite Five Stars” award within six months of publication.

She wrote the book over a period of eleven months, for 6-8 hours at the time, only at night, by using the middle finger of her right hand to type 141,501 words, one letter at the time because, in her own words, “When I arrived in Australia I was too old to go to school, I can’t spell or type”. 

Due to her own experience in her first marriage, Livia has a desire to ensure that domestic violence can be addressed and stopped. She has been featured in numerous newspapers and magazines for her passion to want to continue the conversation on DV. She is known for popular blogs and podcasts in Australia, Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Her recent collections of poetry narrated by a number of poets around the world have also met with world acclaim, and being awarded for her poetry. 

At age 74 her first ever poem, titled ‘Ode to the Phoenix’, was selected as the equal first prize winner of a poetry contest run by a popular FB group, facilitated by a published author and poetess of international standard in the USA.

Livia, with her musician husband Glenn have been professional musician for over 30 years, they are known as “THE YORK’S”. Livia’s musical FB posts attract over 20,000 views at any one time.

Livia is poised to publish her second book, as well as a third one in the New Year, plus her poetry book is also in the making.  Livia is active in the writing communities in Australia, regularly presenting Public Speaking events; always busy engaging with numerous people via social media.

She is very passionate about supporting other poets and authors.

Livia’s website:

FB: Livia York / Livia York Author / Livia York poetry group.


Bose Enuduwe Adogah 🇳🇬


Bose Eneduwe Adogah is the  Chief Administrator  based in Nigeria Offive. She handles all the writers across African Continent. A college teacher by profession, Bose has written hundreds of quotes which reflects on life and its story. Known for her wisdom quotes , she wirtes articles which will make any reader amused. She teaches college students Yoruba languages, history and religious studies.She is currently pursuing a Masters in Psychology.

Türkan Ergör 🇹🇷


Türkan Ergör is based in Motivational Strips Office. She handles and supports writers from across Turkey for the forum. 

Turkan is a Philosopher, Writer, Poet, Ambassador for Peace, Honorary professor of Philosophy and Peace, Honorary Professor of Sociology, Honorary Professor of Psychology, Honorary Professor of Human Rights, Honorary Doctorate of Law, World Peace Icon.

Türkan Ergör was in Çanakkale, Turkey. She is from city İzmir, Turkey . Her father name is Sait Halim Ergör. She graduated from the Department of Business Management, Philosophy and Home Management.

She is İnternational Ambassador for Peace in some countries. She has won many international awards. World Peace Icon was elected by World Institute of Peace in 2017. The World Union of Poets had awarded the medal for world peace from Italy. Her poems were published in international antologhies named " Temirqazyq - Best Poet / Writer 2017 World Anthologhy by World Nations Writers' Union Kazakhstan, COMPLEXION BASED DISCRIMINATIONS, LET THERE BE PEACE ". World Royal Family His Royal Highness Majesty of the World Prof. Dr. Dato'Raja Arifin Bin Raja Haji Ali had awarded her the Royal document. THE TITLE OF PUTRI MAAMOR / PRINCESS WAS GIVEN TO TÜRKAN ERGÖR OF TURKEY, BY PARAMOUNT SULTAN EMPIRE STATES OF THE PHILIPPINES HRH SULTAN ALI AMPASO UMPA PARAMOUNT SULTAN OF THE PHILIPPINES / RSG PHILIPPINE PRESIDENT. Royal Society HRH Prince Sultan Mohammad I. Tianero had awarded the Royal document. She was awarded honorary professor and doctorate by various countries.

Kezang Dawa 🇧🇹


Kezang Dawa  is popularly known as the ‘Wonder Poet From Bhutan’ . Hemis areas of interest is He is working with Bhutan Power Corporation limited, His areas of interest in literature is poetry,short story, sonnet and song writing , Apart from that he loves to do  skit, drama,  riddles and singing, ,He believes that meditating, gives him strength to write. He resides in Eastern Bhutan. Kezang has many followers from the field of literature in Bhutan and lately after taking over as the Chief Administrator for Motivational Strips, his writings have influenced many global icons of literatur. He keeps a firm faith that the purpose of his birth is to write.

Arjune Teeluk 🇹🇹


Arjune Teeluck is the Chief Administrator based in the Motivational Strips Trinidad  Office. He handles and supports writers in the Caribbean Region covering Trinidad & Tobago 🇹🇹 , Bahamas 🇧🇸, Jamaica 🇯🇲 & Saint Lucia 🇱🇨

He is the founder of the Facebook group called ‘Write’. His bio is as below m


Lengua Islamia TIA Primary School

Tagore College (Form III)

Training in Plant Propagation/Vegetable and Food Crop Production/Small and Large Life-Stock Farming-Ministry of Agriculture

Cooperative Accounting and management – Ministry of labour and Small and Micro Enterprises Development

Training in Writing and Drama – Professor B. Bacthacharya MA. BT.-Tagore College


Reading-Philosophy/Science/Comparative Religion

Writing and debating

Voluntary Community Service

Served/serving as - President-Community Improvement Volunteers Integrated Council (C.I.V.I.C.)

Chairman - league for Socio-Economic and Political Equity (S.E.P.E.)

President - Broomage Agricultural Cooperative Society Limited

Executive member-Realize/Mandingo Community Council

Founded ‘Strivers 4/H YFC now Strivers Sports Club

Janki Jyoti Ashram

Community Improvement Volunteers Integrated Council (C.I.V.I.C.)

‘league’ for Socio-Economic and Political Equity (S.E.P.E.)

Past Chairman - Realize/Mandingo Community Council

Leader - Strivers 4H-YFC

President - Janki Jyoti Ashram

Vice Chairman - Barrackpore Secondary School Parent Teachers Association

Vice Chairman - League of Concern Citizens of Trinidad and Tobago

Secretary - Sanatan Dharma Mandalli

Assistant Secretary - Divine Life Society of Trinidad and Tobago Incorporated

Assistant Secretary-Civil Society Network (C.S.N.) Princes Town Region

Activist-Dennis Pantin Constitution Reform Forum

Activist for Inter-Religious Unity

Voluntary community/social worker

Political/cultural activist


Crab in Barrel (Politics)

Block Psyche (Play-Social Commentary)

Not Me – (A play on HIV/AIDS)

Perceptions (Book of Aphorisms/Poems)

Articles titled - Power of one (Political commentary)

Dealing With Crime (Addressing criminality in Trinidad and Tobago)

Indian and Hindu (Article-Hindu perspective/Comparative Religion)

Editor - History of the Nationalist Struggle for Democracy and National Independence by John Milton Hackshaw

Executive Producer - ‘The Hindu Vision’ –  published by the D.L.S. Inc

Executive Producer of ‘Savera’-  published by the Sanatan Dharma Mandalli

Published several articles on politics and comparative religion


Police officer

Manager- Broomage Agricultural Cooperative Society Limited

Managing Director – Aijrra Ltd

Managing Director-Agro-plus Limited

Executive President - Horizon Sports Enterprises Limited

Contractor/Negotiator - In-Electra Limited

Manager Sub-Circuit Limited

Skills Tutor - YTEPP Ltd (Plant Propagation/Vegetable and Food Crop Production)

Self-Employed – Agriculture-Horticulture/Marketing