Portfolios - William Thomas Fearby, Winner – Poetry Category, August 2018

William Thomas Fearby, Winner – Poetry Category, August 2018

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The poem that made William Thomas Fearby win Bold Gold Pen The lady in blue I heard a tale quite  some years ago Whether it was a fable I don’t know It was a story about the lady in Blue A beautiful  vision with a heart so true She fell in love with her ideal man Their lives together they did plan But fate dealt them a devastating blow Off to war her love was called to go She promised to wait forever for his safe return But his plane was shot down and Tragically he did burn When she heard the news she didn’t know what to do Her life she thought was over her heart badly broken in two She put on her wedding dress a beautiful shade of  China blue And swore she would always wear it and forever she would stay true For many years she wore it and never fell in love with another Her life was like a prison sentence locked away and grieving for her lover Sixty years passed and every single day To him she remained honest and true Dressed in her beautiful wedding dress in a beautiful shade of China blue She died a lonely death all on her own with no one to love and hold they buried her in  a paupers grave in her China blue wedding dress I am told Every night she can be seen outside the sergeants  mess Waiting for her lover in her China blue wedding dress And if you listen carefully you can hear her weep and wail The lady in the China blue wedding dress with a face sullen and so very pale William T Fearby.         28/07/2018 (C)@william t Fearby
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