Portfolios - Jaweriya Jawad, Winner-Non Poetry Category, August 2018

Jaweriya Jawad, Winner-Non Poetry Category, August 2018

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The write that made Jaweriya Jawad win Bold Gold Pen Award I’m A Girl By Jaweriya Jawad © She cried her eyes out when she heard the news, "Mubarak ho baite hoi hay ". Today's morning was the absolute worst one ever for her. She was waitin' for this very morning since last some years.And she loves to wait for it. Finally the  wait is over and it was the worst wait for her. What she prayed for, the opposite happens.she was looking down in the mouth because she desperately wanted a boy this time .but again blessed with a baby girl. " I'm a girl" Look ! Who am I? I'm a human . I'm a valuable creature , Created by the one, Who created man . Look ! Who am I? A soul having ; Thoughts, emotions, feelings... As valuable as a boy, My mom, don't cry. Look! Who am I? I'm a girl . Accept me , Love me, Trust me.... Look!  Who am I? I'm who I'm. The lucky one , The kind one , The beautiful one, The powerful one. ©️ Akhunzada Jawaria Jawad
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