Portfolios - Anna Brasher, Winner-Poetry Category, September 2018

Anna Brasher, Winner-Poetry Category, September 2018

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The Poem that made Anna Brasher win Bold Gold Pen Healing Hands By Anna Brasher I close my eyes and think of you A picture of your hands comes through Reminding me of times gone by As tears well up...I softly sigh Your hands were there to hold great books Guiding through chess as we moved rooks Pumping tyres on our bikes Pushing us on...despite dislikes Then we watched them as we grew Explaining words that were brand new Unwrapping ideas...you always taught Planting in us...possibilities through thought Your work with people showed you cared You hugged them all...and no one stared So when dementia grabbed you away The loss was not...just ours that day And though your mind has lost the plot Your hands remain...it’s all we’ve got The shape, the touch, the colour too Your healing hands...shows it’s...still you ©️Anna Brasher 05/07/2018
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