First Academy in the world for writers excellence

Motivational Strips Academy Of Literary Excellence And Wisdom( MSALEW ) will give opportunities for all global writers to excel with proper guidance and coaching by eminent trained evaluators. The acsdemy is the first of its kind in the world owing to the fact that the entire concept came from the fact that there no proooer evaluation points for writers to progress further in acumen. The academy support writers from World Nations Writers Union  forum too . The academy will be the platform where a writer can progress with varied diploma levels.

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Note from Shiju H. Pallithazheth ,Chancellor & Founder-MSALEW

MSALEW is the academy that rise hopes to many writers who desire to keep growing the ladder in literary excellence. The academy also helps the writers to keep consistency in the quality of their write by periodic evaluations and higher level tests to keep them progressing. The Academy promotes the relevance of wisdom in today’s approach to writing. With the periodic evaluation tests, the academy functions under rigorous quality norms to make sure that the global writers reach their pinnacle of success . As the evaluations are done by Deans of cross geographic locations. The evaluation process is unbiased and strictly on readers interest perspective.

MSALEW courses are free as we do not charge any of the students for undergoing the courses and the  various levels of diploma awarded. The academy will Function with quality Norms maintained in admittance to writers as students.


Chancellor & Founder

Courses Offered By MSALEW


Selection Procedure

Step 1

•Members who post their articles on the wall of Motivational Strips or World Nations Writers Union are identified If they meet up the quality norms of the academy

Step 2

• The evaluating dean will place the identfied candidate for an entrance test. The theme subject for the test is decided by the vice Chancellors every month.

Step 3

• Upon the candidate Scoring marks 7 or above in their test, the respective dean will recommend the admission of that candidate to MSALEW Chancellor

Step 4

•Admission granted and certificate issued

Exempted Candidates from Test

• Honorary Author Award Recipients

• Ambassador De Literature Awardees

• Members of Motivational Strips Administrative Offices