Motivational Strips Academy Of Literary Excellence & Wisdom

First Academy in the world for writers excellence

Motivational Strips Academy Of Literary Excellence And Wisdom( MSALEW ) will give opportunities for all global writers to excel with proper guidance and coaching by eminent trained evaluators. The acsdemy is the first of its kind in the world owing to the fact that the entire concept came from the fact that there no proooer evaluation points for writers to progress further in acumen. The academy support writers from World Nations Writers Union  forum too . The academy will be the platform where a writer can progress with varied diploma levels.

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MSALEW Faculty


Note from Shiju H. Pallithazheth ,Chancellor & Founder-MSALEW

MSALEW is the academy that rise hopes to many writers who desire to keep growing the ladder in literary excellence. The academy also helps the writers to keep consistency in the quality of their write by periodic evaluations and higher level tests to keep them progressing. The Academy promotes the relevance of wisdom in today’s approach to writing. With the periodic evaluation tests, the academy functions under rigorous quality norms to make sure that the global writers reach their pinnacle of success . As the evaluations are done by Deans of cross geographic locations. The evaluation process is unbiased and strictly on readers interest perspective.

MSALEW courses are free as we do not charge any of the students for undergoing the courses and the  various levels of diploma awarded. The academy will Function with quality Norms maintained in admittance to writers as students.


Chancellor & Founder 

Courses Offered By MSALEW


Selection Procedure

Step 1

•Members who post their articles on the wall of Motivational Strips or World Nations Writers Union are identified If they meet up the quality norms of the academy 

Step 2

• The evaluating dean will place the identfied candidate for an entrance test. The theme subject for the test is decided by the vice Chancellors every month.

Step 3

• Upon the candidate Scoring marks 7 or above in their test, the respective dean will recommend the admission of that candidate to MSALEW Chancellor

Step 4 

•Admission granted and certificate issued 

Exempted Candidates from Test 

• Honorary Author Award Recipients 

• Ambassador De Literature Awardees

• Members of Motivational Strips Administrative Offices 

Faculty & Registrar

Sabrina Young, Vice Chancellor


Vice Chancellor Sabrina Young was the first Administrator  of Motivational Strips. She as as the Vice Chancellor will be the deciding authority for all tests for the candidate. She will also be an instrumental part in policy making for MSALE. Being the first Administrato of Motivational,she commands the respect as co-Founder too in this academy meant for global writers empowerment .She had been very instrumental in devising the structure and policies of Motivational Strips having been associard with the vibrant writers forum such as Motivational Strips since inception.She is known for her love and humble characters towards all her counterparts. She is currently the chief administrator handling writer from United States Of America and Canada which forms 25% of the membership in Motivational Strips. She is a very popular writer and poet who has more than hundreds of poems and quotes to her credit.She is well known for her poetic verses which reflects subjective reality and relatable thoughts .She is also the founder of a Facebook poetry page called ‘Souls Thought Poetry’

Brenda Mohammed, Vice Chancellor


Vice Chancellor Brenda Mohammed will Ben deciding authority on the syllabus as well policy decisions for MSALEW. Brenda Mohammed is an author, poet, and literary critic, and privileged member of Motivational Strips . She had a brief stint as administrator for Motivational Strips before taking over as the Vice Chancellor for MSALEW. She has authored the famous book for writers ‘ How To Write for Success. She is also additionally a member of World Nations Writers Union as well an Honorary member of 'World Hıgher Lıterary Academıc Concil of WNWU’.

She is a former Bank Manager from the lovely island of Trinidad in the Caribbean. She is the holder of a Banking Diploma from the Institute of Bankers, London. She later branched off into Insurance Underwriting and holds a Life Underwriters Certificate from the American College, USA. She is now an award-winning multi-genre author, a poet, and a literary critic.

To date she has published eighteen books. a. Six fascinating memoirs. b. A five book science fiction series. c. Two children's books. d. Four books of short stories. e. One self-help book on How to Write for Success. Her first book published was I am Cancer Free. – A Memoir. The book was the winner of Mc Grath House Indie Book Awards in the category Non-Fiction in September 2016 and won an award from Readers Favorite International Book Awards 2018 in the category Health and Fitness.

She is the author of the mind-blowing science fiction futuristic thriller series Zeeka Chronicles: Revenge of Zeeka. The book won an award for Best Science Fiction in September 2017 from Metamorph’s Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards, received a five- star rating and five-star seal from Readers Favorite, placed in the top ten finalists for the Author’s Academy Awards, and won an award in Reader’s Favorite International Book Awards 2018 in the category young adult thriller. Two of her other books, My Life as a Banker, and Your time is Now, which contains a section of inspirational poems won awards.

My Life as a Banker won an award for Best Bio/Memoir in Metamorph’s Publishing Summer Indie Awards 2016 and Your Time is Now is the recipient of the IHIBRP 5 Star Recommended Read Award Badge She is the Founder of the Facebook Group How to Write for Success, an affiliate of Motivational Strips. She conducts a writer empowerment program called ‘Brenda’s Book reviews’ in How To Write For Success endorsed jointly by Motivational Strips. Brenda has great acumen as an award winning Author, Poet, and literary critic with expertise in book reviews and deep analysis.

Prof. Muhammad Shanazar, Dean-Translator,Literary Critic & Assessment


Dean Muhammad Shanazar will be one of the authority to evaluate quality of a writer and grant admission. He is as well the approving authority to recommend a candidate to the Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor for admission of a candidate to MSALEW. He will also be responsible for evaluation of the varied tests by the  academy.

Prof. Muhammad Shanazar is a poet from Pakistan, he started his career from very humble beginnings.  He had keen interest in getting education and his hard work led him to the heights of success. After having done Master in English Literature, he served for three years in Police Department then he got an opportunity in Higher Education Department as a lecturer. He emerged as a poet and translator in the world and got many international awards and literary honours from different literary organizations of the world like Poet of Universal Inspiration, World Icon of Peace, The International Best Translator, 1st Four Stars Ambassador in the World, Extraordinary Ambassador for Gratis Culture,    Poet of the World, Cross for Peace, Cross for Literature, Pride of Pakistan, Herbert Macaulay Award, World Laureate in Literature 2017, Pride of the Globe, Literaurnost Gold Award, The World Best Poet 2017, Ambassador of Humanity, Poetic Galaxy Award, Ambassador of Justice and Peace, Ambassador De Literature, Connoisseur De Poetry 2018 and several other accolades. He was one of the several nominees of the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2015, different organizations from India announced for him awards like Sahitya Aanand Literary Award 2018, The Eternity Peace Award 2018 and ISISAR Intercultural Peace Award 2019 which he has to yet receive, he has been conferred upon Honourary Doctorate in Peace and Humanitarian Education by Instituto Educando Brazil.   

Now he is Associate Professor in English Language and Literature, and appointed Principal at a degree college in Pakistan.  His poems have been published in many world anthologies. He has authored four books of poetry ‘Gems’, ‘The Cold Stars’, ‘The Dance of Darkness’, and ‘Cries in the Wilderness’, besides, his translated books from Urdu into English are: The Alien Eyes’, ‘Wrist in the Clutches of Death’ ‘A Tempest In Silence’ ‘Sugar Coated’, ‘Symphony and Other Poems’, ‘Snowy Sunlight’, ‘The Burning Roses’, ‘The Coin of Death’, ‘Withering Dreams’ and ‘ A Book of Love’ . He also has translated individual poems, articles and short stories, their number may exceed more than 1000.  He is a life time member of IPTRC China and International Writer Association (IWA), USA, which is a UNESCO recognized body. He is a member of Editorial Advisory Board of Sahitya Anand, Secretary General of World Institute for Peace Nigeria and 2nd Secretary General of World Union of Poets, Italy, The First Vice President World Nations Writers’ Union Kazakhtan. Just recently he has been appointed Dean-Poetry Critic and Assessment at Motivational Strips Academy Of Literary Excellence and Wisdom that also declared him one of the top six writer in the world. He had been one of the jurors of international awards given away by Galaktika Poetike ATUNIS, Albania, World Union of Poets, Italy and World Nations Writers’ Union, Kazakhstan. He writes against war and he wishes to see the world perfect harmony and concord.

Magie Faure-Vidot, Dean-Poetry Research


Dean Magie Faure-Vidot  looks into all research of poetic literature beyond the contemporary trends in MSALEW. She is one of the prime authority to evaluate quality of a writer and grant admission. Dean Magie is as well the approving authority to recommend a candidate to the Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor for admission of candidates to MSALEW. She will also be responsible for evaluation of the varied tests by the  academy.

Magie Faure Vidot is the Chief Administrator of Motivational Strips supporting writers from East Africa. She is responsible for zones Seychelles, Mauritius and South Africa

Magie Faure-Vidot was born in Victoria. She is a member of the Institut Académique de Paris and the Académie Internationale de Lutèce. She has won numerous prizes over the course of her career, including the Coupe de la Ville de Paris, a Lyre d'honneur, and six silver and numerous bronze medals in various international literary competitions,and she has represented her home country at many international poetry festivals and other initiatives.Her work has been discussed in critical studies of Seychellois literature.She has also achieved some fame as an oral performer.

After living for some time in the United States, Lebanon, England, Italy, and France, Faure-Vidot returned to the Seychelles. There she cofounded, and continues to codirect, both the online literary review Vents Alizés and the online publimaging house  Edisyon Losean Endyen, both of which she runs in conjunction with Hungarian poet Károly Sándor Pallai. Her work is regularly published in Seychelles Nation and The People, and she is the editor of Sipay, the only Seychellois literary magazine.She is also heavily engaged in the cultural life of her country, including showing her work at exhibitions of art by local women.Her poems were published in the international poetry anthology Amaravati Poetic Prism in India. In 2017, she received the prestigious Seychelles Arts Award in literature for her outstanding literary work and achievements.

She is a member of the World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) Kazakhstan. Her work was featured in the "Family Eternal Treasure" international anthology (2018).

Click the link below for her Wilipaedia Profile

Williamsji Maveli, Dean-Poetic Analysis


Dean Williamsji Maveli  looks into all literary analysis of MSALEW. He is one of the prime authority to evaluate quality of a writer and grant admission. Dean Williamsji is as well the approving authority to recommend a candidate to the Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor for admission of a candidate to MSALEW. He will also be responsible for evaluation of the varied tests by the  academy.

Williamsji Maveli is also the Chief Administrator of MOTIVATIONALS STRIPS, supporting writers from  India and Middle East Regions. Furthermore, he is a Dean-Poetry Analysis at Mothvational Strips Academy  of Literature excellence & Wisdo ( MSALEW ). He is also a member of WORLD NATIONS WRITERS UNION as well as a honorary member of one of its Worod Higher Literary Academic  Council (WHLAC )

A Commerce Post Graduate from Kerala, Williamsji Maveli, wears his many featured caps with elegance. He has created a place for himself in the world of poetry and literary review writing and contributes regularly to many poetry web sites and groups. Poetry writing for him is a deep passion, and his poetry depicts realities in life, coupled with spirituality in love and longings. 

Williamsji is currently working as a Freelance web content writer and designer at Bangalore and Cochin in India. Earlier, he had worked for ETISLALAT, THURAYA SATELLITE Corporations,  ME PUBLISHERS, KHALEEJ TIMES, GULF NEWS & GULF TODAY – All News Agencies in United Arab Emirates. His 4th  poetry collection, titled as “ S.O.U.L.S “ (Spirituality of Unknown Luminaries Symphony ) has been an eye opener in terms of delving deep into the myriad aspects of life in an in-depth and vibrant manner. His poetic themes are suffused with themes that are very relevant for the present day society. S.O.U.L.S (Spirituality of Unknown Luminaries Symphony) consists of 3 parts, Salvation of Souls, Soliloquy of Souls and Songs of Souls. These were justified as a reason (or Cause), a spirit (or Power) and as appetite (or Hunger). 

All parts of the soul have desires, but desire in appetitive and spirited parts is not a matter of belief about what is good or what is bad. This book of poetry is the blossom and the fragrance of all human knowledge, thoughts, passions and emotions. His 5th book of poetry titled A.B.O.D.E (Aesthetic Bliss Of Divine Entity), a collection of 400 selected poems will be launched by mid – December, this year.   

He had won the prestigious Hinorary Author award for literary excellence from MOTIVATIONAL STRIPS and another award for his literary contributions from KGA group based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates . 

Sarah Northwood, Dean-General Literature

Dean Sarah Northwood

Dean Sarah Northwood looks into evaluation of book excerpts, non poetic essays as well Journal writes . She additionally monitors poetry too to make sure the academic functions are met with diligence. She is one of the prime approving authority for qualified candidates to MSALEW. She also looks into varied tests of the academy.

Dean Sarah Northwood is a popular fiction writer from UK. She is  also the Chief Administrator of Motivational Strips handling United Kingdom and Ireland Regions for the forum . She is a  Honorary member of 'World Hıgher Lıterary Academıc Concil of WNWU’.

Sarah Northwood is an award-winning British fiction author who has written books of all genres. Living in a small village in the northwest of England with her husband and two children, she is best known for her unique narration methodology and precise delivery of fiction and poetic works. The author of ten books, these include: Poetry: Butterfly Dreams, The truths We Tell and Little Moments of Calm.

Thrillers: The Unravelling, The Volunteer and She’s Not Gone. Children’s Books: Unicorns are real and other cool poems, Legend of the Night Unicorn and Aerwyn, the girl who dreams. Awards Won: Best children title - Hydra Productions Pink Quill Pick Recommended Read-IHIRP Her books are well to do with all varied readers and literary icons of literature.

Destinyy Lightt Speaks , Registrar


Destiny Light Speaks ( Srestha Tripathi) is the Registrar for MSALEW. She assists the deans to identify qualitative writers for granting admittance to MSALEW. She maintains the records of the academy as well the informations of its candidates. Destinyy is also the the Administrator based at Motivational Strips office in Bangalore. She is also the Global Co-Ordinator-PR

for Motivational Strips assisting Global Headquarters in Muscat. She has major responsibility at MSALEW as its Academic Registar. She is also the Co-Ordinator-PR for World Nations Writer's Union

Destinyy Light Speakss is an author, novelist, poet, painter, musician and photographer (Bird Watcher, stars and Dream Speculator), 

She has published two books in her pen name ‘Destinyy Lightt Speaks’

She is a graduate in Commerce, and holds the below credentials • Diploma in software and hardware of Computer Science, • Specialized in psychology of Special Children Education

• Qualified in claims of insurance (general & health)

• Qualified and certified in movie still photography

• Qualified in acting for stage and Movies(Indian) 

• Qualified in musical instruments [flute, tabla(drams) Spanish guitar, piano(western notation)],

She does digital Painting for logo designing, photo-collage and book cover, oil painting, and trained in martial arts and fire fighting evacuation. 

Destinyy believes that kindness and love can only conquer millions of hearts.

In her childhood when she was about 7 years , she got published in the first ever school magazine "Child's World" where she wrote that her motto of life as