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Waheed Musah 🇬🇭


Dr. Waheed Musah is the Administrator handling and supporting  writers in West African Countries. He heads the  Ghana Office office of Motivational Strips

Dr. Waheed Musah is globally known as Hafrikan Prince. He is the CEO and founder of ‘Hafrikan Prince Art World’ , it’s a platform promoting Art, philosophy,wisdom, ethics etc. Being a multi award winner, humanist and speaker, Waheed  will assist and support writers West Africa Region covering Ghana , Benin , Burkina Faso  , Liberia , Gambia , Guinea , Guinea-Bissau , Cape Verde   etc

Chief Administrator Bose Eneduwe Adogah will be overall handling the African Continent whereas Waheed will be specifically focussed to developing and empowering writers from the West Africa Zone

Speaking about Waheed Musah, he is a renowned personality among writers and global speakers on peace and humanitarian service.

He is currently the CEO for

🏵Hafrikan Prince Art World

It’s a platform preserving Art, Philosohy, Moral,Ethics, Wisdom, Consciousness and traditions

He is also a Poet/Writer/Spoken Word Artist at

🏵New Africa New Children

Waheed Musa. is popularly known as Hafrikan Prince. He is one of Aftica’s sensational speaker , Writer , Poet , Dramatist , cultural and global peace activist from Ghana. He also hosts various speakers conference where the global writers and icons of wisdom give their advice and peaceful sermons for global sanity,unity and prosperity .

Words wouldn’t suffice to take count of the support he has given to global literature and well literary artists . He has won many awards and accolades for his selfless service towards global unity and peace. He was recently awarded by Motivational Strips the greatest honour ‘Ambassador De Literature’ award for his contribution and patronage to global writers.

Motivational Strips will striving with its motive, modus operandi and goals to develop literary acumen among writers to empower global literature and its ethics..