Vandana Sudheesh 🇮🇳


Vandana Sudheesh is a Moderator in Motivational Strips, and based at its India office. She handles and supports Asian Writers through the forum’s Member’s Parliament Committee’.

Author Vandana hails from Kerala State, southern part of India. She had been an active member of Motivational Strips before having taken over the leadership role in Motivational Strips Global Administration. She frequently shares her profound and mystical poems through Anthologies, web magazines and social media. Taking her consistent passion and encouragement to world literature into consideration, she was honoured with listed membership in World Nations Writers Union (WNWU). WNWU is the world’s largest writers union and an associate of Motivational Strips. Most of the world’s qualitative, published and eminent writers are members in it. Vandana apart from writing, takes equal pleasure in being an ardent reader and do not leave an opportunity to read a well to do book. She has consistently pursued poetry, being influenced by eminent writers across the globe, from a very young age. She is an ex-banker and post early retirement, started pursuing her favourite passion of writing. She has published her solo authored poetry book titled “The Humble Wrath” and is currently in her next book project. Her prolific poetic works have featured in four anthologies till date, namely POETS UNIFY WORLD from Motivational strips (to be released),PASTEL SHADES OF LOVE,CRESCENT MOON,DHONI-AN IRREPLACEABLE LEGEND & AROMA OF NOTION by Oxigle Press and many other magazines.
Her poems has been published in Bharath Vision Online Literary Magazine – a subsidiary of Motivational Strips, All Poetry, Indian Periodicals,Cultural Reverence.