Sakina Mohammed 🇱🇰


Sakina Mohammed is a Moderator in Motivational Strips, and  based at our Sri Lanka office. She handles and supports Sri Lankan Writers and readers through our ‘Member’s Parliament Committee’.

Author Sakina is a poet, speaker and life coach. She is also a full time mom and a creative chaos managing a few of my her own small passion projects. Poetry being her therapy, passion and a form of escape, Sakina loves to connect and inspire others through her spoken poetry on themes of emotional and mental wellbeing and motivational subjects! Her love for literature was born as a young girl, where back in school she writes poems and stories and share with teachers and friends carrying a dream to  publish more. She had taken a break from this divine art for too long, But lately have been inspired again to return to her calling towards the art of literature to fulfil her childhood dream!