Magie Faure-Vidot 🇸🇨

Regional Director - East Africa & Central Asia

Magie Faure-Vidot (sometimes Mrs. Maggie Vijay-Kumar or Magic Mags) is the Regional Director – East Africa and Central Asia in Motivational Strips. She is a French-language poet from the Seychelles who has also published work in English and Seychellois Creole.

Life and career

Magie Faure-Vidot was born in Victoria. She is a member of the Institut Académique de Paris and the Académie Internationale de Lutèce. She has won numerous prizes over the course of her career, including the Coupe de la Ville de Paris, a Lyre d’honneur, and six silver and numerous bronze medals in various international literary competitions, and she has represented her home country at many international poetry festivals and other initiatives.Her work has been discussed in critical studies of Seychellois literature.She has also achieved some fame as an oral performer.

After living for some time in the United States, Lebanon, England, Italy, and France, Magie Faure-Vidot returned to the Seychelles.There she cofounded, and continues to codirect, both the online literary review Vents Alizés and the online publishing house Edisyon Losean Endyen, both of which she runs in conjunction with Hungarian poet Károly Sándor Pallai.Her work is regularly published in Seychelles Nation and The People, and she is the Chief Editor/Director of Publication of Sipay, the only Seychellois International literary magazine. She is also heavily engaged in the cultural life of her country, including showing her work at exhibitions of art by local women. Her poems were published in the international poetry anthology Amaravati Poetic Prism in India. In 2017, she received the prestigious Seychelles Arts Award in literature for her outstanding literary work and achievements. She writes for Spirit of Nature where she features amongst the 60 poets to be published in 2019.Opa Anthology of Poetry 2019.

She is a member of the World Nations Writers Union (WNWU) Kazakhstan[21]..

On 21st December 2019 she was conferred with the PEACOCK o PINION, for LITERARY SUPERIOR EXCELLENCE, from Motivational Strips, it being a distinguished honour for providing qualitative assistance to World Literature.

Her work was featured in the “Family Eternal Treasure” international anthology (2018). Features in the Global Poetry Web as Poet of the Day 27/11/2019.

Her Works

* Whispers of Souls/Murmures des Ames by LES EDITIONS DU NET – France February 2020

* The Enchanting Rebirth/ Une Renaissance Magique, Arthee Editions 2019

* L’Oasis des mots, Victoria, Edisyon Losean Endyen, 2016.

* Rêves créoles, Victoria, Edisyon Losean Endyen, 2012.

* Flamme mystique, Victoria, Yaw Enterprises, 2011.

* L’âme errante, Victoria, Printec Press Holdings, 2003.

* Un grand cœur triste, Paris, La Pensée Universelle, 1983.

Her Honors, awards, certifications, training, and memberships

* Appointed Chief Representative of WNWU for South East Africa and Central Asia

* Recipient of world rare and precious prize, “FOR MERITS TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF WORLD LITERATURE’ – For the 1150th anniversary AL- FARABI

* Appointed Her Excellency Magie F-V Vijay-Kumar as Ambassador for Humanity and humanitarian development for the Waheed Centre for Humanity and Humanitarian Development by Prince Waheed of WCHHD of Ghana 27/04/2020

* Interviewed by the News on 14/04/2020

* Laureate of World Award of Literary Excellence from the Government of Peru in joint association with Union Hispanomundial De Escritores, Motivational Strips and World Nations’ Writers’ Union WNWU in February 2020.

* Awarded Diploma 1st Level – Distinction – Temirqazyq Contest World Nations Writers’ Union Feb 2020.

* Appointed Chief Consultant for the Association des Ecrivains Rodriguais, Rep. of Mauritius by MS on 30/01/2020

* Appointed Representative of ISISAR in African Union – India on 27th December 2019.

* Awarded the PEACOCK o PINION, SUPERIOR EXCELLENCE, from the World’s Most active Forum by the Founder Shiju H. Pallithazheth and Forum Director Sabrina Young of Motivational Strips.

* Certificate of Participation at the Amaravati Poetic Prism 2019- 5th International Multilingual Poets’ Meet in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh – India on 21-22/12/2019.

* Certificate and Plaque in the occasion of the World Thinkers’ and Writers’ Peace Meet 27-31/12/2019 ISISAR KOLKATA.

* Plaque from Parvathananeni Brahmayya Siddhartha Collegeof Arts and Science on the International Conference on Contemporary World Literatures 19-20/12/2019.

* Features in the Global Poetry Web as Poet of the day 27/11/2019.

* Appointed Chief Consultant of Literary Review of World Literary CONGO ECRIT – Academy of Sciences and Engineering for Africa Development (ASEAD) Oct. 2019.

* Obtained Certificate of Participation on Training on Copyright in Seychelles – NAC/Trade Division Ministry of Finance, Trade, Investment and Economic Planning – 9/10/2019

* Order of Shakespeare Medal from Motivational Strips in October 2019.

* Diploma -World Poetic Star – Excellence in the field of World Literature from World Nations Writers’ Union – WNWU Khzakhstan

* Member of the Validation Reading Committee for CONGO ECRIT review on 03/08/2019

* Appointed Ambassador At Large for WORLD INSTITUTE OF PEACE of Nigeria, in the Seychelles on 21/07/2019

* Appointed Chief Consultant to Writers/Artists Association LAR SAN FRONTYER in the SEYCHELLES on 01/07/2019

* Facilitator for the World Poetry Day Workshop, National Arts Council – Certificate of Participation – 22/03/2019

* World Laureate in Literature 2018 – WNWU (World Nations Writers’ Union) Kazakhstan

* Certificate in International Award – World Icon of Peace – WIP – Feb 2019

* Global Literature Guardian Award – 31/12/2018

* Hon. Author’s Certificate, MS – 10/09/2018

* Program Council Member – Ambassador De Literature – | MS, Sept 2018

* Dean of Motivational Strips Academy of Literary Excellence and Wisdom | MSALEW, Poetry Research MS – 10/09/2018

* Chief Admin for SE African countries for Motivational Strips | MS – (08/2018)

* Member of the World Nations Writers’ Union – Kazakhstan – (08/06/2018)

* Appointed member of DO KRE I.S Revue haitienne de cultures creoles – Comite de Redaction

* Appointed Ambassador of Humanity by his Royal Highness Uman Baba Musah and Prince Waheed Musah of Ghana

* Launched 6th Poetry Anthology on 22/03/2019, The Enchanting Rebirth/Renaissance Magique