Kolkata Cocktail – A Poetry Film

Kolkata Cocktail – A Poetry Film

The Journey of Three Friends Through the Poetic Vision of
KOLKATA COCKTAIL, is a multilayered and interconnected emotional journey of three childhood friends and their relationship with their home city Kolkata .

The three women protagonists of the short poetry film:

( played by Ipsita Ganguli)

Pragya is the quintessential Kolkata girl, who was hurtled into the fast-paced contemporary world by the twists and turns of her life. She has had to adapt and move forward, all the while being “tethered” to her roots. In doing so, Pragya finds her freedom and “choses” to fly above constrictions

( Played by Lopa Banerjee)

Kolkata, the quintessential city of joy is the throne of the ‘poetry and quirks’, the city where Prakriti, the diasporic poet and academic now living in USA finds herself as a ‘rusted yellow’, reconnecting with her old friends Pragya and Paroma. In a desperate bid to escape from the city years back, little did she know that she would return threadbare, surrendering, consumed by the essence of Kolkata.

( Played by Gopa Bhattacharjee)

A representative of the upper –middle- class Kolkata, Paroma, tries to maintain the joint family system by sacrificing her own dreams. Poetry, Prakriti and Pragya remain in her life as her only solace. She goes out searching the nooks and corners of her beloved city Kolkata, trying to rediscover herself. Kolkata rejuvenates her to take a new flight towards a new destination.

KOLKATA COCKTAIL is a moving saga of these three women (TROYEE) who rediscover their soul in the City of Joy (KOLKATA). Through their reunion, they find their poetic vision of life, where the city is alive and throbbing in all its pathos, it’s beauty and it’s vigour. Kolkata has often been described as a feminine entity, and within these three ladies, the city expresses itself in different hues and shades.
It is a complete ‘poetry film’, where poems and short stories penned independently by these three childhood friends amalgamate to form a unique bondage and thought-provoking tour-de-force of KOLKATA.

Shuvayu Bhattacharjee is the Director and music composer of this unique short poetry film, The entire script is narrated through the poetic verses clubbed with various mesmerizing shots around KOLKATA .
The story line is based on a fusion of 3 independent short stories written by the 3 protagonists
Ipsita Ganguli, Lopa Banerjee and Gopa Bhattacharjee and this unique, one of a kind poetry film has also been co produced by them

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