Instigate Love ! Litigate Hatred ! ©Shiju H. Pallithazheth dated 2/12/2018

Instigate Love ! Litigate Hatred ! ©Shiju H. Pallithazheth dated 2/12/2018

Dear Authors,

Hatred and love are equally powerful influencers to human standing in society. These words are so influential and contagious that it can dictate one’s action and thoughts about a surrounding.

‘Love acts as the healer and hate acts as ones psychic disorder,

The roots of hatred are the three below factors

🤷🏻‍♀️ Losing Trust on People

🤷🏼‍♂️ Doubting moves of people

🤷🏻‍♀️ Finding faults ignoring facts

Hatred always starts the formation with the three factors as above. So the greatest remedy is to keep mind calm with never losing trust on a society one dwells in.

Love is at its best with the three below factors

💁🏼‍♂️ Trusting strength of humans

💁🏼‍♀️ Focussing more on trust

💁🏼‍♂️ Learning to forgive

As all of us are grown up adults and wise writers, it’s more important that we all know how directly or indirectly these two behaviours influence our overall personality. Writers need to trust one another and work collectively as its a game of wisdom enhancement. Wisdom peaks in joint interactions and encouragement.

Your write can be mythical but your approach has to be magical and magic is always with love as it can help people succeed and achieve more.

The people who talks about love are the ones who wishes to see affection dictating the correlation of human beings. As it’s always understood that together more and isolated nil. We are are basically social humans by nature but the approach and process of sociability depends a lot on what rules our mind. If one feels insecure about a surrounding and feels there is hatred around; it gradually seats firm on the sub conscious mind no matter how much they try to approach lovable people.

The best approach and remedy for that is to take away the cloud of hatred by thinking it isn’t in existence. See the eyes of people and at one another with love and respect. When one learns to do this, all the kinds of peaceful things come and swarm your conscience. We as writers will definitely write about hatred as much as we write about love. But it should never be beyond the purview of a good write. Creativity is understood but never the behaviour in real life practices. When thoughts of hatred penetrates into the subconscious mind making a person insecure and negative, it can disconnect them from a positive and vibrant crowd. Wisdom is never in hatred but it’s always In inner peace and spreading love.

Why do people say’Im real’ in communication or social platforms. When one is confident that he or she is real and wasn’t questioned, why the affirmation ?

You know why ?


Lack of confidence on oneself!

The ones who have faith in their authenticity need not display testimonials about self. The ones who has faith and love are the ones who show their authenticity in the behaviour and approach and do not take a drum to proclaim it.

There is a simple formula to identify the people who carry hatred or depression deep inside their subconscious mind though they will try their best to portray love in the onset.Being writers it’s important we know these formulas about human behaviour

And that formula is related to people speaking positive and negative about others.

Formula 1:

Negative talks + Smile = Hatred

Formula 2:

Abusive talks + frown = Anger

Formula 3:

Positive talk + Smile – Ignoring negative in people = Wise

Formula 4:

Positive talk + Encouragement= Love

Formula 5:

Sadness + negative response = Depression

The most sensible and wise people refrain from speaking negative unless in a political party for political gains.

Or else why should they ?

Ask this question and you will know that there Is actually no reason to speak bad about anyone unless it warrants as a threat to society. As it will never gains any people an award or accolade, and neither does it glorify ones personality. Thus this also forms a trait of people carrying hatred in their sub conscious mind. Behavioural science if you all really observe is very easy. It’s as easy as Lego blocks if one doesn’t give complicated definitions to it.

‘Love can only win love;Hatred on the contrary can lessen the number of people one gains access to in life’

Motivational Strips is today a wise forum where the wisest writers in the world flock

Why ?

Because love lives here and wisdom speaks here!

Happy Networking With Motivational Strips !

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