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Motivational Strips
We have writers and readers from more than 163 countries
Motivational Strips caters to world writers as a platform to network and interact. It identifies literary acumen across the globe,and unites them for mutual empwerment and ease of access by global readers. Every genre and forms in literature are covered under its operational functions such as poetry,fiction,articles,non fiction etc. The forum is controlled by Motivational Strips Global Administration (MSGA). The MSGA has two divisions, for  steering this mighty literary entity. They are known as Global Committee (GC) and Member;s Parliament Committee (MPC) . The members of GC and MPC assist the writers in getting the directional focus on their career. We nominate exemplary talented writer with varied categories of honours, contests and publications. The MSGA members are selected from all zones of the world so that no bias towards nationality, religion,cultutal advantage is practiced. Thos forum only has one nationality and that is "Writers". Motivational Strips has a intensely streamlined awarding structure, with stringent evaluation norms. https://www.facebook.com/groups/252154565336217/
Motivational Strips is the world's most active writers forum which registers a monthly impression of more than 6.5 million writers and readers. Its a huge literary platform which upholds writers and readers from more than 163 countries.