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‘I have observation , knowledge is too broad to explore and claim that i have it complete’

This thought you read above made me relay the varied thoughts below..

When the whole world takes a drum highlighting the fact that they are educated,Masters and Doctors; let’s take a leaf out of this tree people are nurturing to inflate vanity and voice to think and analyse. This situation makes me think what a writer needs to progress as a great pen forward.

IIs it educational degrees ?

Of course Not !

If that’s the case; Do you all know that everyone who holds a long tail of academic degrees will be writers in this world. Academic instruction and certifications are basically guarantors to lead life and never the end result to be a brilliant writer. What the world needs is not framed honours but writes that has amusement and conviction and above all convincing power.


“Observation is what we all have as ideal writers; Knowledge is too broad to claim we have in complete form”

So let’s not feel complete being a person with a tail of abbreviations after our names..

Think! Think! Think!

Let never one think that all those degrees is going to help your progress as a successful writer . Education is a successful acknowledgment of your efforts; But if one fails to keep the strong micro and macro observation around-never will one be able to garner changes happening in life and your surroundings. Those university degrees are like milestones to indicate that your journey had some evaluation points but the drive forward to your success as writer is your passion to observe left,right,up and down. That panoramic observation will feed your minds with a vision beyond eyes capability and add some productive ink to your pen.

What keeps your life less complicated in this observation. Art is to make sure those views which might not always have rosy picture affect your mental disposition. Your observation of your surprising can also have black patch such as cruel incidents, depressing people and crime; But never ever let them alter your courage as, a writer with preceptor skills and disrupt legitimate analysis. The best way to handle such fear is by maintaining a broadened perception into all what you see around.Learn to balance what you see, let it be a combination of shock and happiness. You all might be wondering why I grip my focus to this particular point.

Well it’s simple!

‘Versatility in perception can get you to construct versatility in your write ’

Social Networking forums are a necessity in today’s world to develop one’s acumen or skills as a writer. It helps generate broader thoughts and ample scope for differentiation and uniqueness. You can get lot of new concepts when you are in the interactive front with a wise pack such as Motivational Strips writers or its affiliated forum writers. It’s more learning when it becomes difficult to differentiate talent. You come across such situations for sure on the walls of such vibrant writers forums.This is what serves you as a practical research centre to your progress and process as a writer.

Motivational Strips today,have most of the world’s greatest think banks!

Trust me! This is factual!

Never think selfishly whether your are a senior or junior writer . For Motivational Strips, all are writers irrespective of the number of academic credentials one holds. We believe literature to be sacred and discipline of life and it’s thoughts. Remember that the above mentioned think bank kind of Writers are also learning from one another when they take time feed the co writers selflessly.

Thus prehistoric barter system of give and take principle applies well here and in its ideal form. But generosity is always ideal when people balance knowledge with gratitude. So do acknowledge your co-writers efforts. They are helping your brains to be wiser..keep it in your enlightened minds!

Learn to leave acknowledgment to the the novice beginners too. At times their construction pace is faster than the amateurs . Let them follow footprints of one another in the mission of glorifying literature as it’s vital and sensible. Never leave an article or poem without ever jotting a one word or two to compliment as every article is teaching you something or the other.Respect all the great writings you see one the wall. Someone has taken lot of observation and thinking before he or she has decided to pen it down as literary delight to you all . They all form the constructive bricks to build the broadened observation that holds more power than academic knowledge.

Happy Networking With Motivational Strips!

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