A dream fulfilled is the Bold Gold Pen award won..

Bold Gold Pen Award contest has the world’s best writers participating. The number of applicants for this contest has candiates from almost all countries of the world. The award has unbiased rigorous evaluation done by evaluators across the globe. Thus the Bold Gold Pen Award decides the worlds best writers. The contest has three categories of winners 

• Poetry 

• Non Poetry 

• Journal 

Thus this award program of Motivational Covers all aspects of literature. The Bold Gold Pen award winners are looked upon by co-writers as role models to follow. The precision given in writing to get accuracy and amusement to a reader is the most important criteria to choose the winners. More than 80 countries participate in most of the contests.You will find in this page the winners of the Bold Gold Pen and their award winning write.

Bold Gold Pen Award Winners Gallery

William Thomas Fearby, Winner - Poetry Category, August 2018


The poem that made William Thomas Fearby win Bold Gold Pen 

The lady in blue

I heard a tale quite  some years ago

Whether it was a fable I don’t know

It was a story about the lady in Blue

A beautiful  vision with a heart so true

She fell in love with her ideal man

Their lives together they did plan

But fate dealt them a devastating blow

Off to war her love was called to go

She promised to wait forever 

for his safe return

But his plane was shot down 

and Tragically he did burn

When she heard the news 

she didn’t know what to do

Her life she thought was over 

her heart badly broken in two

She put on her wedding dress 

a beautiful shade of  China blue

And swore she would always wear it 

and forever she would stay true

For many years she wore it 

and never fell in love with another

Her life was like a prison sentence 

locked away and grieving for her lover

Sixty years passed and every single day 

To him she remained honest and true

Dressed in her beautiful wedding dress 

in a beautiful shade of China blue

She died a lonely death all on her own 

with no one to love and hold

they buried her in  a paupers grave 

in her China blue wedding dress I am told

Every night she can be seen 

outside the sergeants  mess

Waiting for her lover 

in her China blue wedding dress

And if you listen carefully 

you can hear her weep and wail

The lady in the China blue wedding dress 

with a face sullen and so very pale

William T Fearby.         28/07/2018

(C)@william t Fearby

Jaweriya Jawad, Winner-Non Poetry Category, August 2018


The write that made Jaweriya Jawad win Bold Gold Pen Award

I’m A Girl

By Jaweriya Jawad ©

She cried her eyes out when she heard the news, "Mubarak ho baite hoi hay ".

Today's morning was the absolute worst one ever for her. She was waitin' for this very morning since last some years.And she loves to wait for it. Finally the  wait is over and it was the worst wait for her. What she prayed for, the opposite happens.she was looking down in the mouth because she desperately wanted a boy this time .but again blessed with a baby girl. 

" I'm a girl"

Look ! 

Who am I?  

I'm a human . 

I'm a valuable creature , 

Created by the one, 

Who created man . 

Look !  

Who am I? 

A soul having ;

Thoughts, emotions, feelings... 

As valuable as a boy, 

My mom, don't cry. 


Who am I? 

I'm a girl . 

Accept me , 

Love me, 

Trust me.... 

Look!  Who am I? 

I'm who I'm. 

The lucky one , 

The kind one , 

The beautiful one, 

The powerful one.

©️ Akhunzada Jawaria Jawad

Anna Brasher, Winner-Poetry Category, September 2018


The Poem that made Anna Brasher win Bold Gold Pen 

Healing Hands

By Anna Brasher 

I close my eyes and think of you

A picture of your hands comes through 

Reminding me of times gone by

As tears well up...I softly sigh

Your hands were there to hold great books

Guiding through chess as we moved rooks

Pumping tyres on our bikes

Pushing us on...despite dislikes

Then we watched them as we grew

Explaining words that were brand new

Unwrapping always taught 

Planting in us...possibilities through thought

Your work with people showed you cared

You hugged them all...and no one stared

So when dementia grabbed you away

The loss was not...just ours that day

And though your mind has lost the plot

Your hands’s all we’ve got

The shape, the touch, the colour too

Your healing hands...shows it’s...still you

©️Anna Brasher


Aditi Raj Jamwal, Winner-Poetry Category, September 2018


The Poem that made Aditi Raj Jamwal win Bold Gold Pen

My Words, My Power

By Aditi Raj Jamwal

I am a magician,

The sculpture of words,

I have the power to build emotions ,

As if all the senses I evoke.

Emotions, experiences ,compassion and imagination ,

All mingled together ,

Mesmerized by the magic of words ,

In  others heart ,

Here is where I dwell ,

Taking all in my spell .

I create non existent,

A lier whose truth all love,

I have the power to bathe all 

In the ocean of feelings of hate, sorrow or love .

Yes ,I am a poet,

I can peep in your thoughts ,

I think a little more ,

And feel more than your heart  

What comes out to be a masterpiece ,

Is all craft with which my soul has scribbled thoughts. 

My poetry ,a passion,

My pen  a power,

I write in black,

But bleed in red,

Desire ever to write

 more and more,

To suspect rebirth

Of my ending words.

©️Aditi Raj jamwal

Lilian Woo, Winner-Poetry Category, September 2018


The poem that made Lilian Woo win the Bold Gold Pen


By Lilian Woo 

Bright soothing moon is gleaming 

Galaxy of stars glittering 

Bringing colours to the universe 

Warm the heart of romantic lovers

The moon represents my heart

Love blooms, we shall never be apart 

You give me light and sunshine

In early morn with clear blue sky

Because of you my heart glows

Devoted to you my affection grows

My passion is deep in my soul 

My love is true, like a river it flows 

You give me hope to light up my life

Put me up in a pedestal high

My soul basks in silvery dreams

Unfolding my heart's feeling

The moon represents my heart 

Rays of light Illuminates our path

Stay in the light of rapturous love

As sweet as the doves above.

©️Lilian Woo 


Tahera Fakhruddin Janoowala, Winner-Non Poetry Category, September 2018


The write that made Tahera Fakhruddin Janoowala win the Bold Gold Pen

Come To Me

By Tahera Fakhruddin Janoowala

“Come to me cried the light”. As it held out it’s arms to me, waiting to enclose me in a motherly like embrace.

“ No”. Shouted darkness. “ I have no intention of letting you go”.

Darkness covered me further so I could not be seen by the light. But light persisted and called out to me again. 

“ Be strong my child and come into the light”. I could hear Darkness laughing behind me.

“ You are not strong “. It scoffed. “ Your weakness is what brought you to me”.

It was true. My confidence had been sapped from me. I became desolute. There was no other choice but to turn towards darkness. It was easier to hide from the light. 

To crouch benath the cloak of darkness and not have to think or feel. 

“ I will not give up”. Light shouted this time. “ You must fight this”.  It’s hand extending further.

Darkness seeped over me. Resricting me. I wanted so desperately to reach out and grab that hand. My body would not assist. My breath was coming in short burts of air now. As I tried to wrangle out of the grip of darkness , it was like a noose tightening around my neck. I could hardly breathe and felt I would surely die. There was no other choice. I sublimed. Letting darkness take control. Light never stopped calling out to me but now the voice was barely a whisper untill it could no longer be heard. 

“ You see you can never free yourself from my chains.” Darkness sang with glee. It was right my fate had been sealed.

©️Tahera Fakhruddin Janoowala 


Sahjahan Ali Ahmed, Winner-Journal Category, September 2018


The write that made Sahjahan Ali Ahmed win the Bold Gold Pen

The Value Of Education

By Sahjahan Ali Ahmed

       On his way to school Salman saw Kamal flying a kite.

"Won't you go to school today , Kamal ?" he asked .

" No," replied Kamal, " Yesterday the teacher scolded me very badly  for I was late for school. You know Salman , it all happened because I don't have a watch. I told my father to buy me a watch . I won't go to school until my watch is bought '"

"But I must go ." said Salman   

"Can't you wait for me , your best friend , just for a few days ? Just till my watch is bought ? insisted Kamal .

       For a moment Salman also thought of not going to school to please his friend. But a second thought compelled him to change his decision . If he didn't go to school that day , he would miss his lesson on Arithmetic which he found very tough . Besides , the annual examination was also knocking at the door and if he couldn't pass , his father wouldn't be able to bear the expenses of his education again for the same class. He might even be send to someone's house as a bonded labourer . 

" My father will beat me if he sees me at home after returning from field " said Salman and he hurried off to school alone.

Suddenly the thread of salman's kite got torn and he started to run behind his kite towards a distant jungle to catch it. 

        Salman and Kamal were buddies. Both of them were reading in class IV. They were neighbours living in a beautiful village on the bank of the river Brahmaputra. Kamal's father was a very rich man. He had many acres of land. He had two wives and many children  He believed in muscle power rather than education. He hardly found time to take care of his children.

  Salman on the other hand, belonged to a very poor family. His father had a great  thirst for education. Salman's grandfather died when his father was only a child. Moreover major portion of their landed property was eroded by the migthy river Brahmaputra. Now the only dream of his father was to make him a man, a really educated man. 

        Kamal did not go to school for a few days . One afternoon Salman saw Kamal fishing in the river with a fishing hook. He had a very beautiful watch in his wrist.

'Wow ! how beautiful your watch is !' Salman exclaimed. 'What's the price'.

"Over a thousand rupees, my father said' replied Kamal .

'What's the time? asked Salman.

" That's what I have to learn. I got it only yesterday. Won't you help me to read time on a watch ? asked Kamal giving reason for his inability for reading time in a watch.

" Oh, it's simple . See these three hands . The smallest one is hour hand and the one you see running is the second hand and the other is the minute hand . One hour equals sixty minutes , sixty seconds equal one minutes . That's all ." explained Salman.

" But how do you know that ?" asked Kamal.

"Our Maths teacher taught us the other day. You're absent that day." informed Salman .

" Had I gone to school that day , I'd have learnt better than you " boasted Kamal ,  " " I'll go to school tomorrow . Nobody has seen my new watch ." he added.

Their conversation continued . Kamal caught several small fish . It was getting dark . " I have to prepare my lesson. I must leave now ." said Salman and the two left for home .

     Kamal went to school the following day. All his classmates were spellbound to see his costly wrist watch . They touched it , felt it and yearned to have one .

" Now, a pair of goggles on your eyes will make you look like a cinema hero ." complimented one one his mates . Kamal at once thought of having a pair of sunglasses.

Suddenly the teacher entered the classroom and everyone went to their seats .

      The students' had to recite a poem by heart that day . Most of the students recited well , but when it was Kamal's turn , he failed to utter the very first line . He stood there holding the bench trying to give reason that he was absent last few days , so didn't know about it.

Instead of scolding him , the teacher affectionately explained , " Education is the greatest treasery of knowledge on the earth . Proper education can help even a pauper to become a king . But lack of it ,can  turn a king to beggar . Fire can't burnt it , a river can't erode it . Neither a thief , your friends nor brothers can snatch it away from you . Remember."

Then the teacher made Kamal promise to learn his lesson next time . But a look of displeasure on his face showed his disagreement to the teacher's opinion on education .

       The next day Kamal came to school wearing a pair of new sunglasses.He looked very handsome indeed. Unfortunately that day too , he didn't prepare his lesson and got scolded from the teacher.

Kamal didn't go to school next few days .One Sunday Salman went to enquire about him . Kamal was feeding fish to a bird that he had captured . A servant was helping him .

" Hello Kamal, what are you doing?" asked Salman.

" Playing with this bird ", he replied,  "Caught it just yesterday. Will you go for hunting bird this afternoon ? he asked.

" My father says birds are our friends. Killing them is a crime and sin too." replied Salman rejecting his offer .

" But they destroy our crops and some even eat fish of our pond. So father told me to kill them " opined Kamal .  "Tomorrow  I will try to catch some more birds ."  he added.

" But won't you go to school?" asked Salman.

Giving some lame excuses he went on saying ," The other day I had a very bad pain on my legs while coming back from school on foot . It's too far to go to school on foot.  I asked my father to buy a bicycle for me . I won't go to school until my bicycle is bought."

They talked for a long time and finally Salman left for home.

     Kamal was absent from school for a whole week. Unexpectedly one day he arrived school riding on a brand new bicycle . All his friends were wonderstruck to see his new bicycle . But that day too Kamal got scolded badly from the headmaster for being consecutively absent for many days from the class.

     As time passed by , Kamal became more interested in luxurious things than his studies . He always sought lame excuses to stay away from school. The annual examination came . He appeared in the examination , but cut a sorry figure . He was promoted with grace marks. Salman on the other hand passed with flying colours.

After passing out of primary school , both of them got admitted in a Highschool situated a few kilometers away from their village . Kamal became more irresponsible day by day .He often missed school. Sometimes , instead of going to school , he would go to watch movies and would return home along with the other boys when they would return from school.

" Why do you miss school so often?" one day Salman asked him.

" My father says he earns more than our headmaster does . He isn't educated .I don't think education is necessary for becoming a successful  rich man in life ." replied Kamal flatly.

"But my father says it's all proper education that you need in life to be a respectable man " argued Salman.

"That sounds good , but totally impractical" reiterated Kamal.

Salmam didn't argue with him any more ,but kept distance from him from that day.

     With the passes of time , Kamal became totally indifferent to his studies . He passed a few examinations by bribing his friends to tell him the answers  or by using unfair means. But he failed miserably in the final Board Examination.

On the other hand Salman devoted more time  to his studies . He belonged to a poor family . So to meet the expenses of his education , sometimes he would even catch fish from the nearby river and  sell them in market . His devotion to studies yielded him due result. He passed the Board Examination with highest marks in English and Science. Everyone was happy with him . His father sent him to town for higher studies and sold almost all his properties to meet the expenses of his studies . In the course of time Salman became Dr. Salman.

      In the meantime , the mighty Brahmaputra eroded their whole native village gradually. The river swallowed all the Mosques , Temples , Churches , Educational Institutions and all other age old monuments. All the neighbors , friends and relatives of Salman were forced to leave their native village to find settlement somewhere else. 

Dr. Salman too bought a plot of land in a town and built a beautiful multi-storied building and settled their with his parents. He got married too. His connection with the people of his native village almost segregated as the village itself existed no more.

         Time passed by like a swift arrow . Now Dr. Salman , a middle aged man , earned name and fame as a doctor.

One evening he went to market on foot as his car driver was ill that day . He bought some household articles . Suddenly the weather turned bad . An ominous silence marked the approach of an impending storm . He was getting late .So he hired a rickshaw and hurried for home. By the time he reached home it was completely dark .There was no electricity. He got off the rickshaw and offered the fare to the rickshaw puller .But instead of taking the fare he stood there starring  at the ground. In the flash of lightning Dr. Sakman noticed drops of tears rolling down both the cheeks  of the rickshaw puller.

A strong storm had already started . Heavy rainfall was to follow.

Dr. Salman moved forward and sympathetically asked him what the matter was .The rickshaw puller suddenly burst into tears and remorsefully uttered , " I am Kamal , your childhood frie...." he couldn't complete the sentence for something choked his throat.

Dr. Salman couldn't believe his ears. A flood of memories suddenly shook him violently . He shuddered . Was it the same Kamal , his childhood buddy? Was it the same Kamal the most handsome coxcomb who loved luxury and on whom a few servants always attended ?

Dr. Salman lost words to express his feelings . He didn't know how to react. He just hugged him as if a mother had got her lost child after many years . He began to drag Kamal inside his drawing room. In the dim light of candle , Kamal saw the spacious cosy drawing room decorated with colourful bouquets to welcome visitors . He hesitated to touch the colourful carpets with his bare dirty feet . But Dr. Salman pushed him to sit on the soft sofa .

Salman marked that Kamal had become frail. His beard was not shaven for weeks . His clothes were torn and untidy. He felt extreme pity for Kamal.

Offering him tea , Dr. Salman asked him what the matter was and how he came to be a rickshaw puller .

The wind was still howling outside . Jamal found no words to express his grief and misfortune .After a long pause he began to narrate how all their fields including home was  swallowed by the river and how he had to sell the small share of his parental property  to make both the ends meet.He also informed that  he had been staying on a deserted embankment of a river with his children and sick wife . He became emotional and began to sob . Then rubbing tears said, " My wife is ill. There is nothing to eat at home for the children . So out of dire necessity  I came to this town yesterday . You're right Salman , you're right . Had I not neglected my studies in my childhood , I'd not have been a rickshaw puller today . It's education that makes all the difference."  He now began to sob loudly . Salman tried to console him.

By that time the storm had

ceased .Suddenly the electricity supply was also restored . Both the friends talked for some more times . Finally Kamal decided to leave. Dr. Salman gave him some money to buy something for his children. Kamal took the money hesitatingly and came out . He seemed to have understood the value of education at last.

©️Sahjahan Ali Ahmed 2018