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Let’s assume one is a driver or a passenger looking for some adventure in the car drive….

So ! Let’s start the drive!

Do you enjoy the ride?

Maybe yes! Maybe No!

Why ?

You will only enjoy a drive when it, provides you amusement, a great ambiance around and an unpredictable changing visual delights through your windshield glass in the car ?. No different is a writer who takes his or her own thoughts to write.

Just like how the road to a destination becomes interesting when we have, minimal, apt slopes,curves and minor twists; the plot of an ideal write is no different from it; as it needs to provoke amusement, thrill and emotional tantrums to the reader. But an ideal writer has to learn how to, accelerate and de-accelerate ones write depending on the twists and turns in their plot. Going too fast without giving your reader an insight and thoughts is like, missing a scenic splendour due to over-speeding in a car.Another important aspect is that the ambiance created in the word game, should be filled with periodic cheers such as one witnesses in a close to winning sports match or a game. Some writers tries to tread the straight path making it very conservative and stale. That brings in monotony wearing out the readers expectation and making your script dull.

Avoid the monotony!

A carefully woven script will have apt pace for a reader to be amused and cheerful. It should give them ample time to comprehend and reflect emotions. Powerful words can possess a reader and take him or her to an emotional trance.

Wow! Power of words!

But if one has to make the script magical and possess the reader to be hooked on to just the world of script , it’s takes huge acumen , wisdom and understanding of behavioural aspects found in humans. Normally too much of twists and turns on your plot can make the reader feel more of deviated  from a disciplined read. It’s something similar to what a driver gets while taking consistent hair pin curves on a road . They tend to feel nauseated. So avoid the hyper twists to the plot and make the easy curves and understandable blends. So the whole idea is to create lifelike and creative surrounding so that the reader feels, he or she is undergoing a literary journey that has lot of essence and amusement. The whole script should be filled with situations provoking thoughts, relatable. and evoke the WOW factor after completion.

If you all have understood the above

on what borderlines of writing method I treaded along, Then you should by now be knowing what a powerful plot or script looks like. The plot of an ideal story should have been created with a foresight of how and what one expects while reading it.

What makes you realise your reader better ?

Answer is simple, you have to have an apt FORESIGHT

How do you get that foresight ?

Now this is something that has to do with patience and humility. The more you are one among the public , the better the incidents in their lives get registered in your mind. It’s such incident links which is picked to weave a vibrant plot and identify human behavioural aspects.

So what’s the easiest solution?

Boo ! Lol!

Simple !

Don’t hurt your surrounding!

Don’t avoid your surrounding!

Don’t flight with the surrounding!

Don’t insult the surrounding!

Don’t irritate your surroundings!

How do you handle it ?

Simple again!

Love your surrounding and you have handled it!

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