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Instigate Love ! Litigate Hatred ! ©Shiju H. Pallithazheth dated 2/12/2018

Dear Authors, Hatred and love are equally powerful influencers to human standing in society. These words are so influential and contagious that it can dictate one’s action and thoughts about a surrounding. ‘Love acts as the healer and hate acts as ones psychic disorder, The roots of hatred are the three below factors 🤷🏻‍♀️ Losing Trust on People 🤷🏼‍♂️ Doubting moves of people 🤷🏻‍♀️ Finding faults ignoring facts Hatred always starts the formation with the three factors as above. So the greatest remedy is to keep mind calm with never losing trust on a society one dwells in. Love is at its best with the three below factors 💁🏼‍♂️ Trusting strength of humans 💁🏼‍♀️ Focussing more on trust 💁🏼‍♂️ Learning to forgive As all of us are grown up adults and wise writers, it’s more important that we all know how directly or indirectly these two behaviours influence our overall personality. Writers need to trust one another and work collectively as its a game of wisdom enhancement. Wisdom peaks in joint interactions and encouragement. Your write can be mythical but your approach has to be magical and magic is always with love as it can help people succeed and achieve more. The people who talks about love are the ones who wishes to see affection dictating the correlation of human beings. As it’s always understood that together more and isolated nil. We are are basically social humans by nature but the approach and process of sociability depends a lot on what rules our mind. If one feels insecure about a surrounding and feels there is hatred around; it gradually seats firm on the sub conscious mind no matter how much they try to approach lovable people. The best approach and remedy for that is to take away the cloud of hatred by thinking it isn’t in existence. See the eyes of people and at one another with love and respect. When one learns to do this, all the kinds of peaceful things come and swarm your conscience. We as writers will definitely write about hatred as much as we write about love. But it should never be beyond the purview of a good write. Creativity is understood but never the behaviour in real life practices. When thoughts of hatred penetrates into the subconscious mind making a person insecure and negative, it can disconnect them from a positive and vibrant crowd. Wisdom is never in hatred but it’s always In inner peace and spreading love. Why do people say’Im real’ in communication or social platforms. When one is confident that he or she is real and wasn’t questioned, why the affirmation ? You know why ? Simple! Lack of confidence on oneself! The ones who have faith in their authenticity need not display testimonials about self. The ones who has faith and love are the ones who show their authenticity in the behaviour and approach and do not take a drum to proclaim it. There is a simple formula to identify the people who carry hatred or depression deep inside their subconscious mind though they will try their best to portray love in the onset.Being writers it’s important we know these formulas about human behaviour And that formula is related to people speaking positive and negative about others. Formula 1: Negative talks + Smile = Hatred Formula 2: Abusive talks + frown = Anger Formula 3: Positive talk + Smile - Ignoring negative in people = Wise Formula 4: Positive talk + Encouragement= Love Formula 5: Sadness + negative response = Depression The most sensible and wise people refrain from speaking negative unless in a political party for political gains. Or else why should they ? Ask this question and you will know that there Is actually no reason to speak bad about anyone unless it warrants as a threat to society. As it will never gains any people an award or accolade, and neither does it glorify ones personality. Thus this also forms a trait of people carrying hatred in their sub conscious mind. Behavioural science if you all really observe is very easy. It’s as easy as Lego blocks if one doesn’t give complicated definitions to it. ‘Love can only win love;Hatred on the contrary can lessen the number of people one gains access to in life’ Motivational Strips is today a wise forum where the wisest writers in the world flock Why ? Because love lives here and wisdom speaks here! Happy Networking With Motivational Strips !


©Shiju H. Pallithazheth 2018 (28.11.2018)

‘I have observation , knowledge is too broad to explore and claim that i have it complete’ This thought you read above made me relay the varied thoughts below.. When the whole world takes a drum highlighting the fact that they are educated,Masters and Doctors; let’s take a leaf out of this tree people are nurturing to inflate vanity and voice to think and analyse. This situation makes me think what a writer needs to progress as a great pen forward. IIs it educational degrees ? Of course Not ! If that’s the case; Do you all know that everyone who holds a long tail of academic degrees will be writers in this world. Academic instruction and certifications are basically guarantors to lead life and never the end result to be a brilliant writer. What the world needs is not framed honours but writes that has amusement and conviction and above all convincing power. Thus.... “Observation is what we all have as ideal writers; Knowledge is too broad to claim we have in complete form” So let’s not feel complete being a person with a tail of abbreviations after our names.. Think! Think! Think! Let never one think that all those degrees is going to help your progress as a successful writer . Education is a successful acknowledgment of your efforts; But if one fails to keep the strong micro and macro observation around-never will one be able to garner changes happening in life and your surroundings. Those university degrees are like milestones to indicate that your journey had some evaluation points but the drive forward to your success as writer is your passion to observe left,right,up and down. That panoramic observation will feed your minds with a vision beyond eyes capability and add some productive ink to your pen. What keeps your life less complicated in this observation. Art is to make sure those views which might not always have rosy picture affect your mental disposition. Your observation of your surprising can also have black patch such as cruel incidents, depressing people and crime; But never ever let them alter your courage as, a writer with preceptor skills and disrupt legitimate analysis. The best way to handle such fear is by maintaining a broadened perception into all what you see around.Learn to balance what you see, let it be a combination of shock and happiness. You all might be wondering why I grip my focus to this particular point. Well it’s simple! ‘Versatility in perception can get you to construct versatility in your write ’ Social Networking forums are a necessity in today’s world to develop one’s acumen or skills as a writer. It helps generate broader thoughts and ample scope for differentiation and uniqueness. You can get lot of new concepts when you are in the interactive front with a wise pack such as Motivational Strips writers or its affiliated forum writers. It’s more learning when it becomes difficult to differentiate talent. You come across such situations for sure on the walls of such vibrant writers forums.This is what serves you as a practical research centre to your progress and process as a writer. Motivational Strips today,have most of the world’s greatest think banks! Trust me! This is factual! Never think selfishly whether your are a senior or junior writer . For Motivational Strips, all are writers irrespective of the number of academic credentials one holds. We believe literature to be sacred and discipline of life and it’s thoughts. Remember that the above mentioned think bank kind of Writers are also learning from one another when they take time feed the co writers selflessly. Thus prehistoric barter system of give and take principle applies well here and in its ideal form. But generosity is always ideal when people balance knowledge with gratitude. So do acknowledge your co-writers efforts. They are helping your brains to be wiser..keep it in your enlightened minds! Learn to leave acknowledgment to the the novice beginners too. At times their construction pace is faster than the amateurs . Let them follow footprints of one another in the mission of glorifying literature as it’s vital and sensible. Never leave an article or poem without ever jotting a one word or two to compliment as every article is teaching you something or the other.Respect all the great writings you see one the wall. Someone has taken lot of observation and thinking before he or she has decided to pen it down as literary delight to you all . They all form the constructive bricks to build the broadened observation that holds more power than academic knowledge. Happy Networking With Motivational Strips!


©Shiju H. Pallithazheth 2018 (27/11/2018)

Let’s assume one is a driver or a passenger looking for some adventure in the car drive.... So ! Let’s start the drive! Do you enjoy the ride? Maybe yes! Maybe No! Why ? You will only enjoy a drive when it, provides you amusement, a great ambiance around and an unpredictable changing visual delights through your windshield glass in the car ?. No different is a writer who takes his or her own thoughts to write. Just like how the road to a destination becomes interesting when we have, minimal, apt slopes,curves and minor twists; the plot of an ideal write is no different from it; as it needs to provoke amusement, thrill and emotional tantrums to the reader. But an ideal writer has to learn how to, accelerate and de-accelerate ones write depending on the twists and turns in their plot. Going too fast without giving your reader an insight and thoughts is like, missing a scenic splendour due to over-speeding in a car.Another important aspect is that the ambiance created in the word game, should be filled with periodic cheers such as one witnesses in a close to winning sports match or a game. Some writers tries to tread the straight path making it very conservative and stale. That brings in monotony wearing out the readers expectation and making your script dull. Avoid the monotony! A carefully woven script will have apt pace for a reader to be amused and cheerful. It should give them ample time to comprehend and reflect emotions. Powerful words can possess a reader and take him or her to an emotional trance. Wow! Power of words! But if one has to make the script magical and possess the reader to be hooked on to just the world of script , it’s takes huge acumen , wisdom and understanding of behavioural aspects found in humans. Normally too much of twists and turns on your plot can make the reader feel more of deviated  from a disciplined read. It’s something similar to what a driver gets while taking consistent hair pin curves on a road . They tend to feel nauseated. So avoid the hyper twists to the plot and make the easy curves and understandable blends. So the whole idea is to create lifelike and creative surrounding so that the reader feels, he or she is undergoing a literary journey that has lot of essence and amusement. The whole script should be filled with situations provoking thoughts, relatable. and evoke the WOW factor after completion. If you all have understood the above on what borderlines of writing method I treaded along, Then you should by now be knowing what a powerful plot or script looks like. The plot of an ideal story should have been created with a foresight of how and what one expects while reading it. What makes you realise your reader better ? Answer is simple, you have to have an apt FORESIGHT How do you get that foresight ? Now this is something that has to do with patience and humility. The more you are one among the public , the better the incidents in their lives get registered in your mind. It’s such incident links which is picked to weave a vibrant plot and identify human behavioural aspects. So what’s the easiest solution? Boo ! Lol! Simple ! Don’t hurt your surrounding! Don’t avoid your surrounding! Don’t flight with the surrounding! Don’t insult the surrounding! Don’t irritate your surroundings! How do you handle it ? Simple again! Love your surrounding and you have handled it! Motivational Strips loves you all as it wants to learn from all your inputs to relay back the relevant. That’s why it’s administrators work selflessly to create a better literary world for you where you tend to gain rather than lose your intellect. Happy Networking With Motivational Strips !


©Shiju H. Pallithazheth 2018 (25.11.2018)

This is a long form text area designed for your content that you can fill up with as many words as your heart desires. You can write articles, long mission statements, company policies, executive profiles, company awards/distinctions, office locations, shareholder reports, whitepapers, media mentions and other pieces of content that don’t fit into a shorter, more succinct space. Articles – Good topics for articles include anything related to your company – recent changes to operations, the latest company softball game – or the industry you’re in. General business trends (think national and even international) are great article fodder, too. Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company by its mission statement. Don’t have one? Now might be a good time to create one and post it here. A good mission statement tells you what drives a company to do what it does. Company policies – Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that. Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.


©Shiju H. Pallithazheth 2018 (25.11.2018)

Too much concern on garnering attention forms the base for a writers de-growth. More time spent on worry of,ones inability  to grab attention has been a major shortfall and ends with most writers getting depressed without their knowledge.Their headstrong ego not to learn from others has made them slide down faster than the climb in their career as a writer.It goes to the extent that an inflated authority and very minimal micro interactions happen with the public making them accumulate huge losses in growth. The one reason most writers go for this distrust on other writers is the concern of not being able to grab attention.To be honest, that worry of not being able to make it to the spotlight or limelight is what pulls back most writers from their growth and achievements. Attention comes without asking if one possess talent. Being competent enough is what brings one to the limelight.The lesser one worries on attention and focus more on improving the quality of their write ; the better their stand as a valuable and sought after writer among the readers. Why go to a lime light when you have the strength to bring it to your premises? Funny when people do so ! So! From adding more of value, it becomes more of a bad joke if one doesn’t monitor one’s knowledge on the art of writing. It can only only change stands when you learn to read and understand from one another. Hugging cozy to the myth ‘ I’m the greatest’ is not less than a juggler trying to juggle with balls made of water instead of a ball filled with water It’s never there to juggle as a ball ! Lol ! Jokes apart ! , The whole strength of a writer lies in the four factors as listed below below. 📚Concern on learning 📣Responsive to readers 🗣Interactive With Co-writers 👩🏻‍💻Key ambassadors 📚Concerns on learning is what all ideal writers should possess. Now don’t be confused; the ability to source reliable knowledge and inspiration that can develop and make ones presentation and narration more precise is what is the ‘Concerns of learning’ in a writer. Being more creative and comprehensive is what I mean by’concerns on learning’. So ! Instead of wasting time in gathering attention from all bystanders and bathing in the showers of flattery, it would be qualitative if the writer tried to focus more on developmental needs to self. The whole process sums to your ability in identifying qualitative source points where the wisdom and acumen of others can the garnered to take forward steps with confidence. But it should not end as taking reliable source to increase wisdom; it should be a two way wisdom share where you should also learn to share your thoughts and writings with them. It again zeroes down to learn and teach .Thus a writers concern should always be to identify niche points that can take one to higher level of creativity and acceptance among the readers.This is where Motivational Strips comes into value and support. Instead of pollinating the flowers that bloom and give fragrance, don’t waste your productive focus by trying to pollinate shrubs that just occupy ground but bloom less.So keep some very minimal and qualitative forums to share your write and for you to learn from others the acumen in writing. No productive value in running behind the thousands where you just dig grave of your valued thoughts. 📣Responsive to readers is all about consistency in communication with readers by, respecting their invaluable contribution in terms of monetary as well emotional support to your growth. The disconnection and avoidance of the readers can slide you down the aisle of the ladder as fast as you climbed. So the heartfelt love for interactions with readers form a major brick building exercise to keep your retention as a top rated writer. Now that brings it back to the basics; humility is a must for your success in the book world. 🗣 Interaction with international writers can give you easy access to changes in trends of writing. If you know what an American writers prefer , what the European writers prefers, an African prefers , an Australian prefers and an Asian prefers etc , you can weave your sentences in a way that all these territories find your book or writings comprehensive. Now that’s literature meant for the general readers. It helps your success graph to touch higher levels and your credibility as a writer more well known. Don’t worry! interact with Motivational Strips Writers and you will know what all wants ! Touch upon the global voice in your narration easier that way .And the day you will come out of the regional barriers and think fully global,that day you will know the full essence of the writers strength in you. Never divide literature by region or nationalities. It’s like you are curbing your own growth and potentials Do you want to be like that ? No! Right ! So! Do value your co-writers giving them a chance to value yours. ‘Get known everywhere instead of nowhere’ 👩🏻‍💻Key ambassadors are valuable source to penetrate varied markets and public. It’s the global perspective you give to yourself as a writer. If you think global, you are a writer. If you think national, you are just a regional reporter. I’m sure the global perspective is what any sensible or wise writer would adapt. The key ambassadors are your global connection to learn and apply different approaches to writings. They are your interactive points that help you to develop acumen and growth. Never rely on regional congregations. By doing so not only you tend to lose the opportunity to learn but also loose your hold with your potentials. Thus your key ambassadors are your huge contacts across the globe. They are your teacher as well students. You teach what you know and you learn what you don’t . That’s true literature and that that’s wise brains. Motivational Strips has most of the world’s most intelligent and wise writers. If they can’t motivate you , who else will . So keep interacting and encouraging one another as that’s where your value , respect and strength as a socially accepted writer lies. Happy Networking With Motivational Strips